Our Call on the 7th

@Joriam, didn’t you also want to ask them something about their background? Also, should I use both questions:

  1. What’s your idea/suggestion for building the world?
  2. what alternative currencies/currency-rules you think should be experimented?

@hugi, @yudhanjaya do you want to add something?

In general, when I ask for the questions for the form, please be concise and definite. 1. 2. 3. Give me a list, I’ll put it in. Going back and forth with different drafts of this and clarifications always costs me tons of time. No link to a long text or direction to source the questions from, just straight up the questions please, and limited to 3, max 5 questions. (sorry, this has been a reoccurring issue, not you fault here)

Also @Joriam, do you want the video to be linked in the feedback form for after the event?

This si the current version:
https://tell.edgeryders.eu/15063 Is this what you want @Joriam

Bit lost, what is this referring to and what is needed from outreach crew before the event?

I think it is sending out the zoom links and such?

The feedback form and the map of workbuilding is for after the event but has to be set up before the event.

@alberto, did you set up a new catheogory for people to post their stories?

I’m feeling a bit lost here. I guess we’re not aligned in what goes where, or at least I didn’t understand that 100%.

The question I wrote above is the one I want help sending to people once they’re in the breakout rooms (even though I’m gonna tell them beforehand, it’s good that they have in text).

Just the one question, no need to repeat the “What’s your idea/suggestion for building the world?” because they all already answered that question.

About the form, I was thinking it was just the one question I proposed and that we’d tell people “if you feel you folks had a good conversation and you want to share with the group, you can fill that form and it will add your convo to a thread.”, so I was not imagining adding extra prompts.

ok great, but which is that one?

"What alternative currencies/currency-rules you think should be experimented?”

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ok consider it done.
Would you like the video to be accesable in that form?

Not necessary, but nice!

Sorry for the delay, Maria. My list of questions:

  1. What languages do you think this new world might speak? Should it be something that is quite popular today? Or even a conlang, like Esperanto? What does the future sound like to your ears?
  2. We face many problems today,like climate change and the uneven distribution of infrastructures? What tools and technologies do you think hold most potential to help us deal with this kind of problems?
  3. What economic theories and social contracts would you think holds most promise for the future?
  4. What cultural modes and attitudes do you detest in today’s world? What would you replace them with?
  5. What would music and the arts look like in the future? Where do you think we’re headed?

We’re drawing from all portions of the iceberg here - the denser and more complex the detail, the more real it feels, and the more fertile ground we lay down for creativity!

ok, filled those in. This leaves us with a 6 question form. 1 from Joriam, 5 from Yudhanjaya.

Might be a bit much, but let’s see how people fill this in :), the questions are specific.


Ah, no. Let’s not do that. It’s way too much - I would just close the form after having a minor anxiety attack: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we agreed on the call:

  • One question on the form. That’s the question from @Joriam.
  • These other questions from @yudhanjaya are questions that we encourage participants to discuss on the platform - they should be listed in a post on the platform that we point participants to.

we agreed on up to 3 questions to be send to me ahead of time.

can remove them again and make a post with these once to be linked in the map then, is that what you want?

  • This form is meant to harvest the output from the breakout sessions, and @Joriam took charge of formulating the question. Joriam decided on only having one question for all breakout groups, so we only need one question for the harvesting form.

  • We also decided that we want to prompt participants to follow up with engaging with us on the platform. We decided to not use forms for this, because we want to train the participants in using the platform properly - with the right formatting.

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so I link this in the map post

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Omg @MariaEuler is gonna kill us :joy:

I’m sorry I made this so confusing, I should have given the question more attention earlier. I was too tangled with the video, and it was so much work. I admit I gave the question low priority, as I knew it wouldn’t take nearly as much time to get it done — but in the end I made your life harder and I’m sorry.

You’re doing a terrific job navigating all this uncertainty. I promise I’ll try to do better next time, so you don’t have to make the same kind of effort.


Good work, everyone!

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