Our People




Alberto Cottica

Data Science. alberto@edgeryders.eu


Nadia E.N

Design. nadia@edgeryders.eu


Hugi Ásgeirsson

Technology hugi@edgeryders.eu

Matthias Ansorg

Technology matthias@edgeryders.eu

John Coate

Community john@edgeryders.eu


Noemi Salantiu

Community. noemi@edgeryders.eu


Marina Batinić

Research. marina@edgeryders.eu


Amelia Hassoun

Digital Anthropology - amelia@edgeryders.eu

An Ecosystem of Changemakers

Edgeryders is a purpose-driven company. Since 2011 we have built and maintained an online platform that brings together a large community of purpose driven individuals and organisations experimenting new solutions to entrenched issues. Members bring with them experiences and domain expertise from a wide range of sectors and fields in over 80 countries.

The Edgeryders organisation and platform provide a place where members work on projects and ventures imagined and deployed by different constellations of individuals and organisations. Many are ephemeral collaborations that dissolve once the goals are met. Over time relationships form between people and organisations who choose to continue working with one another towards a shared vision. They become clusters.

More than a Network

In a network, participants look for how to make the most of what others are doing. In a system, participants are willing to re-orient their work, so as to better work with the other participants.

If you are a construction company, you must not be lazy, and be open to using new technologies.

If you are a social cooperative, you must look away from providing standardized services to customizing what you do in order to better valorize the capabilities of the people they are assisting.

And so on.