What We Do

01 Research

The Edgeryders Research Network connects scholars in various domains for interdisciplinary research powered by collective intelligence. To do this at scale, we have developed a unique method based on the combination of ethnography and network science.

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02 Deep Listening

Our approach to collective intelligence makes us very good at listening sympathetically. Whether you are a public authority running a public consultation or a company wishing to engage its employees on your long-term vision, we can help you overcome the many obstacles to a frank, respectful, fruitful conversation.

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03 Remote Autonomous Work

We are ourselves a HQ-less, distributed company since inception, so we know that remote work can be unpleasant. When done right, however, it increases employees autonomy, productivity and happiness, while at the same time improving process and organizational memory. Based on this experience, we help other organizations implement Work From Home.

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04 Future Economies

The twin transition to a digital and green economy is here, and it needs all of us on board if it is to succeed. But to be on board, we need to imagine that new economy, and that turns out to be hard. We use the storytelling power of science fiction and the rigour of economics and social science to build participatory scenarios of possible future economies.

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