Our Work


We apply collective intelligence to your vision for change management.

Here are some of our projects:

  • Spot the Future. Scanning the horizon for trends in social innovation in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia. Client: United Nations Development Programme. (More)

  • European Capitals of Culture. Advising candidate cities to the title of European Capitals of Culture, and deploying projects to strengthen their bids. Clients so far: Matera, Italy (winner 2019); Galway, Ireland (winner 2020); and Bucharest, Romania (shortlisted 2021). (More)

  • The unMonastery. A semi-permanent residency for hackers and social innovators, drawing inspiration from early Western monasticism, living in the service of a local community. (More)

  • OpenCare. Finding and assessing initiatives of community provided health and social care. Client: European Commission, DG CNECT. (More)

  • MENA Regional Youth Platform. A platform for collaborative livelihood and business development by young people from the Middle East / North African region. Client: World Bank. (More)

  • Design thinking for policy innovation. New methods to design and evaluate innovation in public policy. Client: European Commission Joint Research Council, Innovation Policy Unit (in collaboration with Namahn. (More)

  • Future Makers. Prototyping the city as a wiki. Client: United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Volunteers. (More)

  • Collective intelligence in events. Using documentation and ethnographic techniques to increase the impact of events. Clients: UNESCO, Digital Festival. (More)

To learn more about them, follow the links, browse the site or just contact us. We are friendly and fast to answer.

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