P2P talks and Holochain Brussels meetup, supporting an European Hub to get formed around it

Hi dear Edgeryders community!

Would love to join forces to organize and welcome you all here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/launch-of-the-european-holochain-hub-tickets-78965141865

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ping @MariaEuler and @johncoate

Hi @nadia @MariaEuler @johncoate
Interested on attending? supporting somehow? spreading the event?

I think so Right now we are focused on preparing for the events next week. Can we discuss this at the end of next week?

Perfect @nadia, let’s talk about it next week. Would Friday (22nd) morning fit your agenda?


9am? I will send you a calendar invite via my email lylycarrillo@gmail.com

I have 2 good friends who are on the Holochain staff: Jarod Holtz (Director of Growth and Delivery) and Celestial Hanley (X Designer). Do you know them?

Hi John, no, I don’t know them. It would be nice to connect with them.
Are you planning to attend this meetup?
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Would love to, but I’m in California!

Hi Nadia, it is Friday :slight_smile:
When do you have time for a call today?
Cheers! Liliana.

ciao - in an hour? pm ing you my number

Come and hear about Collaboration, Collective Intelligence and Next Generation Internet technologies that facilitate this to happen!

Schedule and Content:

09:00 am - Registration, coffee and networking

09:30 am - Welcome words, data and collective intelligence. By Liliana Carrillo

09:45 am - Keynote: Decentralized cooperation at Scale. By Michel Bauwens

10:15 am - E-Women, safer access to e-democracy. By Anna Melenchuk

10:30 am - Global border-less democracy, Open Source. By Paula Berman

10:45 am - Panel: Intelectual Property for Collaboration. How to protect your ideas and inventions from theft? With Alain Souloumiac, Dick Van Gelder, Elena Bachert, Reinhard Dhondt Moderator: Philippe Van Impe

11:45 am - Coffee/tea break - Networking

12:15 am - Holochain Meetup: Introduction and Q&A. By Raphi See.

12:45 am - Closing words & networking

13:00 pm - Doors close.


I posted the event on the platform 2 weeks ago. Let’s try to join forces to make it even better.
It would be lovely to get some volunteers to film the talks and take photos, so materials can be reused. Do you anyone in Belgium who could support?

Also it would be nice to have the conversation on one single place :slight_smile:

As the conversation is also part of the Anticipate event:

Could you send me a link to the form that has to be filled in for funds?

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done in the dm with nadia

Thanks a lot!

Official event here: Cooperation at Scale, Next Generation Collective Intelligence and Internet!