Pair programming

In case anybody is looking at the Open Ethnographer development tasks, wanting to contribute but not feeling confident enough in their skills/experience…

I’d be happy to work on a few of these jobs on a pair programming basis. i.e. we can sit together at one computer, talk it over and write the code together. That means we can share our knowledge and ideas. It’ll be easiest if you’re in Berlin :wink:

[offer is also open to more experienced developers, but perhaps particularly useful for those just getting started]

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Aw. Good idea.

Great idea, actually. Fits well into your recent rant about the expert on the road :slight_smile: I’ll put it into the announcement in the newsletter for tomorrow, if @danohu you’ve nothing against that …

I’d like to chip in: so, I’d also be up for a pair programming introduction to a task, or doing a first task in pair programming. Since I live “on the land”, that would have to happen as remote collaboration, though. But we’d find a nice setup for this (a collaborative editor or at least nice & fast screensharing).