Send a newsletter about the paid software development tasks

The following text (or something similar after feedback by @Noemi and @Nadia) should be sent over the Edgeryders mailing list to invite more developers from the community into the Open Ethnographer project.

Subject: Paid software development tasks for Edgeryders

Text: Dear Edgeryders,

so one reason for having a company within the Edgeryders community is pulling in meaningful paid work for all of us, right? We can report initial success with this! So currently, the Edgeryders LbG company has on offer 20+ paid-in-money tasks for software developers in the Edgeryders community (PHP and JavaScript hackers, Drupal admins and themers). We’ve made the tasks small enough for you to fit them into your schedule, but taken together it’s one full project that we realize as a community. The project is called Open Ethnographer: a free and open source, collaborative module for discussion analysis and sensemaking that we’ll also use right on

If you want to take a look and maybe pick up one or more tasks, here’s everything you need to know: (If you’d like a bit of help to get started, Dan and Matt also offer an intro using the pair programming technique.)

Matthias (… with Nadia, Noemi, Alberto, Arthur and the rest of the crowd)

Will do immediately

…first thing tomo morning.

Text looks good to me, short and sweet.

Text amended

Thanks for caring, Noemi! Note that I just added one more sentence related to @danohu's ingenious pair programming idea.


Thanks, Noemi! It has helped (connected us with three more people so far).