Participants List for the Deep Dive 3-4 December in Valencia

The Deep Dive is an event that accelerates learning between professionals from very different fields. We propose two days of intensive knowledge sharing between sustainability experts from the Ports of Valencia, Athens Piraeus, and the shipping industry in Cyprus who are experienced partners in the EIT Climate KIC network, and innovating organisations from Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium who are engaged in civil society led projects and partnerships to increase the environmental sustainability of their cities and ports. Learn more about the event here.

If you are coming to the event but don’t find yourself on this list, please make sure you have filled out the registration form (Discover Typeform, where forms = fun). Otherwise, drop us a line in a comment below. Otherwise, contact ilaria[at]edgeryders[dot]eu :slight_smile:

Hugi Ásgeirsson - Blivande, Stockholm

Positioned between technology and participatory culture and politics, @hugi is interested in how people can collaborate better together today and in the future, online and offline. He currently works from Stockholm, where he co-founded the participatory culture center and social enterprise Blivande - talks about it and why he’s joining the Deep Dive in this post. As a co-director of Edgeryders, he runs the development lab Participio developing software for participatory culture and is involved in a number of projects exploring how technology can enable participation, social cohesion and resilience. Hugi has a background in informatics and analytics and has a degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology where he studied biotechnology engineering.

Eleonora Sovrani - We Are Here Venice, Venice

Freelance researcher, artist activist for the NGO We are here Venice. I obtained a Master degree in Visual and Multimedia Communication at the Architecture University of Venice, presenting a dissertation and a photographic project about reciprocal influences between the landingplaces and the cruise ship. In 2016 I started to actively cooperate with the no profit association We are here Venice, especially focussing on reseach and visual communication.

Alexandros Charalambides - Chrysalis LEAP, Lemesos, Cyprus

Dr Alexandros Charalambides is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and holds a PhD from Imperial College London. His PhD project was funded by Honda R & D Co, Ltd of Japan. He has worked at Imperial College London, at the University of Tokyo and on his return to Cyprus, at the Energy Service of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. In 2009, he was appointed at the Department of Environmental Science and Technology and his research interests lie in the fields of solar energy, algal biofuel production and energy saving in buildings.

His dynamism and passion for sustainable development and for developing ideas and young talent are what drove him to seek out like-minded individuals and create Chrysalis LEAP, the first accelerator in Cyprus, focusing on cleantech and ENERMAP, an EU-funded spin-out from the University.

William Lloyd-George - COACT Lab, Valldaura, Spain

@William_COACT introduced himself in this post like this: I am the co-founder of COACT Lab an open-source environmental tech incubator based in the green hills outside of Barcelona. We have developed an online presentation that gives you more details about the program which you can view here.

COACT Lab is an incubator, where inventors, designers and technologists with environmental tech ideas can disconnect from their daily pressures to focus on creating scalable and usable solutions. This will be done over short term residences as well as 3-6 month rigorous incubator programs, where experts will come to the campus to inform and coach the participants in various fields as they build their tech.

COACT Lab is set in the Valldaura Labs ( ), which is a fully equipped ‘Fab Lab’ located on the hills outside of Barcelona, twenty minutes from the city. While the lab has all the latest machinery and design software, there is also a farm producing food for the residents, a woodlab for carpentry for ‘low tech’ solutions, and it is in the middle of 130 hectares of forest.

Surrounded by nature, living in a self-sufficient existence, we believe that this is the ideal setting to inspire our participants to break the boundaries of environmental tech solutions.

Lucía Calabria - Fundación Valenciaport, Valencia

I initiated my professional career in the Information System area of France Telecom while studying my double international degree in Paris, giving support to the management control department of technology projects. Having finished my studies, I started collaborating as International Key Account purchaser and, while dedicated to international trade, I was drawn to logistics and decided then, to specialize myself by studying a Master in Port Management and Intermodal Transport owned by Port Authority of Valencia.

As a result, I joined up Valenciaport Foundation in September 2014 at management office, getting involved in some R&D projects carried out by the organization and, consequently, I finally joined the projects team in September 2015. Since then, I have been involved in the Sea Traffic Management Validation Project, leading the analyses for demonstrating STM implementation benefits for the shipping industry, participating in several workshops with key stakeholders and attending diverse kinds of forums and congresses focused on shipping.

In addition, I have been working on the development of several port strategic plans proposals and the elaboration of Cost Benefit Analysis with both the European commission and the Spanish ports methodologies. Moreover, I have been specializing in the fields of public procurement innovation and innovation entrepreneurship.

I am currently facing a new challenge in leading the Valencia young shipping association as President of Propeller Junior Valencia.

Vania Statzu - Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation, Cagliari

I am an environmental economist, specialised in the Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services. I am also an environmental and sustainability policy advisor. I am specialised in water and energy economics. I participated in the definition of Management Plans of regional parks and Natura 2000 sites (especially wetlands and other water related ecosystems). I have a deep experience on environmental and economics data management and analysis. I contribute to environmental awareness through public conferences and articles in journals and blogs.
I have been studying social capital and their influence on regional wellbeing, developing complex indicators.

Maria Loloni - EIT Climate-KIC, Berlin

Business Analyst, Sustainable Production Systems at Climate-KIC, I am a maritime economist with a focus on environment and circular economy. I have been working in public and private institutions in various interconnected areas: from finance and risk management, to EU projects, innovation, community building,and stakeholder engagement. What (unfortunately!) keeps me sleepless at night is the desire to bring change and transform our current way of living, working, playing. When I am not working, I’d probably play music, games, or simply stargaze in the night.

Sarah Jarsbo - Sydhavnen, Aarhus

President of the Association Sydhavnen. I am busy with people, relationships, meaningful communities, learning culture, potentials and action, learning by doing and not least diversity. I want to help more people get the courage to act on their ideas and dare to brand, follow and stand by themselves. I believe that we learn better and more when we are at first safe and happy, when we cooperate and make room for diversity, when we dare to fail, give responsibility and show confidence in one another.
Remember that young and inexperienced are the future and they must have the very best opportunity to create their own lives and the best future.

Samuel Buschorn

Generalist engineer with strong ideation skills.
Published, patented, at home on the bleeding edge.
Good maritime and sustainability network.
Lived in ports of Kiel, Shanghai, Hamburg, Boston, Marseille.
I have deep technical experience and insight into prototyping (physical and mental), and resource efficiency. I have worked on drones and materials at MIT.
I also am a experienced co-creator and advocate of developing new forms of distributed collective intelligence in problem solving. I’ve published academic articles and did hands on hackathons. I’m active in Stanford research on the topic.

Rocío García - Fundación Valenciaport, Valencia

Rocio García Molina is a project manager and coordinator, working on circular economy and innovation. She started her career with a Specialised Professional Grant in Innovation and Development Projects in the ITENE (Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Centre). Whilst there, she also took a specialised professional course on packaging technologies at the same centre. Following the completion of this grant she joined the international department as a project manager in European projects. As part of the Training Programme of Managers offered by the CDTI, she took a specialised course in project management and international communitarian R&D&I initiatives offered by the Polytechnics University of Madrid. She works as a Administrative and Financial Project Manager in the Project Management Office of the Valenciaport Foundation.

Stelios Procopiou - Chrysalis LEAP, Lemesos, Cyprus

Stelios is a First-Class Honours graduate of Imperial College, London, a Fellow Chartered Accountant, Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW), a holder of the Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification and Chartered Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) and a CFA Charterholder and Member of the CFA Instititute. Stelios is actively involved in initiatives promoting and developing entrepreneurship in Cyprus, by helping young entrepreneurs develop their business ideas. He is a co-Founder and board member of Chrysalis LEAP, the first business idea accelerator in Cyprus in the area of cleantech and sustainable development.

Elena Pantazidou - Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, Cyprus

An Occupational Psychologist with experience in recruitment, personnel development, culture change procedures and creation of HR strategies that are aligned with the company’s strategy.

Marta Casas - EIT Climate-KIC, Valencia

Graduated as Biologist and Marine Sciences, Master’s degree in “Sustainable Management of Coastal and Marine System”, Master of Advanced Studies in “Management, Technology, and Economics” at ETH Zurich. More than 15 years in the development of marine Research & Innovation technological projects/ programs and innovation strategies engaging with the research, business and public administration ecosystems in an international environment including management of international funding programs and ext.

Annalisa Spalazzi - EIT Climate-KIC, Bologna

Personal and professional experiences have strongly convinced me that true innovation arises from interpersonal relationships and the exchange among different points of view. I am realistic and concrete, but also a little visionary and “brigant”, just enough to believe that we can change the world, starting from improving the little things.

Elias Demian - Foundation of Economic and Industrial Research, Athens

Environmental economist working for the Foundation of Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE-microeconomic analysis and policy) and senior member of the external monitoring team of environment and climate change LIFE projects (NEEMO) implemented in SEE (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria).
Background on Environmental Science (BSc, Aegean University), Environmental Management and Policy (MSc, Lund University) and Applied Economics (MSc, Athens University of Economics and Business).

Monika Elend - NTU, Aalborg

I recently joined NTU International and the project team, Deep Demonstrations, where as project consultant I am working to fully comprehend the needs and opportunities of Resilient Future. I obtained a master’s degree in Development and International Relations at the Aalborg University in Denmark. I involved myself in youth organization for over four years, including two years as president leading projects, building a platform and creating opportunities for young people to have their voice heard.

Bernat Adrià Mora - Fundación Valenciaport, Valencia
Physicist with 3+ years of experience as an assistant researcher at two major US universities and at the J.R.C. of the European Commission. Projects related to air quality, fossil fuels and vehicle emissions, participating in the entire research process, from the experimental campaign to the scientific publication.

Noemi Salantiu - Edgeryders

Community manager and a co-founder of Edgeryders since 2012. Read more about my living green transition here..

I’m now living at The Reef community space in Brussels. We aim to make sociable, deep-green living both realistic (for the people that live it) and aspirational (for many who do not – yet). In so doing, we position ourselves at the forefront of a wave of disruption in the real estate industry. The Brussels site will be viable as an enterprise in its own right; it will also serve as a demonstrator, helping with the creation of this new market The Reef is also a Climate KIC supported project and a deep demonstrator:

Thomas Goorden - Antwerp

I’m a creative producer with a Physics background. My work is typically cross-boundary, high-level communication centered around UN sustainable development goals. My main focus is on processes and methodologies that can bridge the gap between NGO’s, government and industry. We’ve developed new ways of negotiating and collaborating.

Ilaria N. Brambilla - Edgeryders

A geographer with a variety of interests and experiences. I studied the influence of our bodily perceptions and emotions on place cognition and sense of place. I specialized in environmental communication, becoming a journalist and writer. I co-wrote a book on circular economy and the history of environmental thinking. An activist - environmental, political, secular. Based in Italy, mainly. I do project management within EarthOS, Edgeryders’ Climate Unit, and help it secure allies and connections internationally.

Alberto Cottica - Edgeryders

Data/Network Scientist and Economist. An expert on collaborative governance and participation, with proven track record of managing processes of ICT-enabled design and delivery of public policy – and even public services – in collaboration with citizens.

Alberto has first-hand experience in establishing, nurturing and running communities of citizens that work towards common goals, sometimes in alliance with government). Also has a proven track record of driving adoption of innovative practices – and, more importantly, of a practice of openness and transparency in policy delivery – in fairly conservative large organisations, including government agencies.

Alberto is living and prototyping The Reef community space in Brussels. The Reef is also a Climate KIC supported project and a deep demonstrator:

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