Participatory Facilitation Training Experience

Namaste everyone!:slight_smile:
I am Ekisha Sharma from Kathmandu, Nepal. A recent environmental engineer graduate, I aim to travel the world. I am a new member here at Edgeryders. So, for my first post, I chose to write about Participatory Facilitation training that I attended almost a week ago. There, I got to meet one of the members of Edgeryders community. To talk about the training, it was a two-day program and one of the most fruitful programs I have attended ever. The training taught us how to conduct an interactive workshop mainly at a community level. One of the most effective tools for facilitation that I learnt about is mind mapping. It is a visual guide to any topic we know. For instance, we could take a big sheet and write the topic we want in the middle. Then it is time to subdivide the topic. More the use of images and colours, more soothing to the eyes and the mind. I would say this is one of the best ways to organize the ideas you have for a topic. Not only mind mapping, I learnt how energizers played a vital role in any lectures. The two-day training gave me a lifetime experience. I hope soon to use all the knowledge I gained so far in my field.

Thank you Edgeryders. Hoping for more experiences here! Kudos!:grinning:


Sounds very enriching @ekisha and welcome!

If you’re interested in participatory facilitation, you may like to look into the Art of Hosting. It’s a global network of facilitators and changemakers practicing very effective techniques in co-creation and collaborative leadership.

I actually just gave a presentation on participatory governance referencing how we use these techniques across our internal organizational runnings through to inclusive citizenship practices so will ping you when I post about it here shortly.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation, and good luck!

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Namaste @ekisha . It is wonderful to find you here in edgeryders. Thank-you for briefing up about the workshop. It was indeed very fruitful :slight_smile: Which session of the workshop you found most interesting? Do you think the sessions we learnt in workshop will come handy for us when we initiate such programs on our own? Once again Welcome to Edgeryders.

Hello, Anu di. I am glad I am here too. As I mentioned in my post, mind mapping was one of the most interesting session. Not only that I found SWOTCA analysis, where C and A was introduced to us was very knowledgabe. Also, the games session were fun.
Yes, I definitely think the sessions we learnt will come in handy when we initiate our own programs. I hope both of us will be able to utilize all we learnt through Edgeryders. Thank you for letting me become a part of the family. :slight_smile:

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Hello Anique. Thank you so much. I will surely look into it.
Yes, please do ping me. I am looking forward to reading about it.

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Hei @ekisha, welcome from me too!

Me, I have learned the most about facilitation through practice and watching very skilled people doing it… I also find it interesting how the innate abilities are not so relevant after all and how much of this can be studies and perfected over time just by practice.
From the techniques, I especially the handing over the floor to participants who get to play facilitators- for example for an energizer.
In the community, @caroline has a lot of experience with this, definitely ask her more if interested…

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Hi noemi. Thank you very much for the welcome.
Yes, I too believe facilitation is an art that becomes perfect with practice. I also completely agree in handing over the floor to allow participants to become the facilitators.
Thank you so much.