Pasta party


I’ll be there :slight_smile:

do we meet in the usual hangout space ?

It’s 7pm Paris time, yes ? :slight_smile:



I never used the usual hangout because I always work on fridays! I created this event. We can meet here. Hope it’s not a problem!



I never used the usual hangout because I always work on fridays! I created this event. We can meet here. Hope it’s not a problem!

Hangout space…

It’s not a big deal to use one hangout or the other. However, there are certain advantages in trying to foster the habit of meeting “at the usual place”: it becomes easier to keep track of different things going on (some of us participate in more than one call, for example the Friday morning lote3 and the Monday morning unMonastery) and the likelihood of people “walking into the wrong (virtual) room” increases. Walking into the wrong room is a good thing, because people who do sometimes become the best collaborators! It makes for more serendipity. So, in the future, I recommend you try to use the usual hangout, which is It’s written all over the workspace, so people don’t have to retrieve that precious email with the link…

[valentinabrogna], can I ask you to add a picture to your profile? It looks better and it makes it easier to promote the things you are doing onto social media. :slight_smile:


Ok, I´ll be there too.

See you later!


Hi guys, no update after our hangout. Let’s try to make some progress!

As agreed, I’ll try to find flour, vegetable, oil, cacioricotta, tomato sauce and some cookers…so many stuff! So let’s try to figure out how much is needed to feed 100 persons!

[valentinabrogna] what about it? you’re the expert! let’s go on!!!

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+1 !

I agree with Rita, are there any specific information surfacing after your hangout? What can we do to help?

Do you have a date and number of hours needed for the party? Shall we make it in an afternoon? choosing between wednesday when people will have been arrived, friday, or saturday. Thursday i think will be allocated to the unHallloween party.

Here we are :wink:

Hey Rita!

You’re right we should make some progress but we are working on it.

@valentinabrogna is going to write a post about the Pasta Party.

We are very busy in these days but we absolutely want to keep on working on this.

In the meanwhile, here are the notes of the hangout for you use, if needed:


Hello Edgeryders,
Sorry for this long silence.
During our first hangout we agreed on some points: the pasta recipe must be typical of that region and simple.
Those who took part to the discussion were available to help for all is needed. The day was not crucial. It could be any available date.

One critical point that emerged during the hangout was the question of the space, because it seemed that the biggest room in Unmonastery could host 10 people sited. The 12th of September a file was published that states there are 79 sitting places. Is this information correct ?

If so we could think about 79 people making pasta for 200 people. It would require the whole afternoon and evening. I don't know if it would be compatible with the others initiatives.
One more problem is that I tried to contact @idaleone and the association (Aide, Associazione delle donne) but I didn't have any reply.
@ritao, how could we invite some materani to participate to our discussion ?

@pacheca and @dorotea, and all those who were available to help, will you be there and are you still available?

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Hi Valentina, :- )

Yes I’ll be there and am avaiable.


Hi Valentina, a quick update from my side regarding the program: last week in the community call we decided to concentrate Track1 - upSkilling and Track2 -building the unMonastery on 31st Thursday and 1st of November, Friday. This means 2 full days. On Saturday and Sunday we have the unConference, and probably people will start leaving on Sunday afternoon.

I’m thinking a good day for the party, if you say it takes a whole afternoon and evening, might by Wednedsay evening when most participants will have arrived. It’s also a good way to kick start the conference, and get eveyone pumped up and excited, no?  Or is it too in the middle of the week for Materani?

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good idea

[valentinabrogna] I think that Noemi had a good idea about the day, we might start to the max! [Noemi] I’ll try to contact AIDE to ask their help and their opinion too, ok?

I’m in

I agree, can’t think of a better way to start the conference! I’ll help as best I can.

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pasta and more

ciao @valentinabrogna, it’s nice to hear from you again! I’m still here and I just need some more information in order to proceed.

I think that next week we should have a clearer vision both on number of Unpilgrims than on the venue. Depending on these, I’ll go further in contacting Materani to ask them to lend a hand for pasta and free ingredients! About AIDE, I’ll ask @ilariadauria to call Anna Selvaggi, she knows her and I think that she’ll be pleased to help us!

The biggest issue are the equipment, I’m trying to borrow it but I still didn’t have answers! But, hey, go go go!!!


What do you mean by equipement? Tables and chairs or the wood work surface and knives?

I found this  picture  (number 6 of the archive) of the BBgames, that were organised also by Benatural where there are the chairs and tables we need! Do you know them? And the Pro Loco? I could put in touch with them but maybe you know someone personally.

Thank you for your kind collaboration and thank you Pacheca for being with us. We’ll work a lot but we’ll also have lot of fun and I am sure you will export pasta workshop in Portugal soon after the experience!

Have a nice day!

:- ) Great!

I imagine there isn’t a lot we can do before getting there…

A nice day to you too!

:- ) Great!

I imagine there isn’t a lot we can do before getting there…

A nice day to you too!

Here I am! I think the best thing to do to involve the local population (Casa Netural, ecc.) is to

  • write a post on the Matera 2019 community platform. Access, register (put a pic! It's always nicer), present yourself and the project and the webteam MT2019 will be in charge of spamming the whole thing in a tailored way accross SN.
  • For Anna Selvaggi, she usually does the cooking with some other women but we have to find the ingredients. So what I can do on Friday, with Rita, is call Anna Selvaggi and propose to find a moment where she comes with the women in a given place, we find the ingredients and start cooking. However there is the issue with equipment (where do we cook?).
  • Casa Netural is in the moddle of the Basilicata Border Games, but we can contact them and see if they would be willing to lend a hand. We can convey them to this thread and see if and how they react and what they propose. 

Hello everybody

I wrote a mission on Matera Community platform to involve the local population.

We finally fix a date : wednesday the 30th of October and a plate orecchiette tomatoe sauce and dried ricotta.

About the equipement (tables ans chairs) and the participation of AIDE as tutors for those who will make pasta : do you have any news?

Regarding the how we can cook. I understood there was a kitchen in unmonastery. Isn’t it?

About the ingredinets : flour tomatoes and ricotta, can you suggest a local factory that can give them, so that I can contact them? Or you think it would be bettere that epople bring all the ingredients ?

involving local community

Hi [valentinabrogna] and you all, I’ll try to give some update and add some new questions

RECIPE: how many people will eat? Actually we’re supposed to be more or less 100 persons; if we consider at least 50 Materani (I hope there will be!) we’ve to make a prediction on the amount of ingredients, right? Let’s try to make it

FLOUR: 100 gr per person / 15 kg total (we could also consider less, it’s just a tasting) so let’s fix at least 10 kg

TOMATO SAUCE: more or less 10 kg

DRIED RICOTTA: 7 kg (I can ask for some to a friend of mine who owns a diary)


what about it? is it correct?

About tables and chairs the Municipality or MT2019 Committee can provide them.

The biggest issue is kitchen indeed: if weather is fine we could cook outside (now I’ve the phone number of some people that could lend camping stoves) otherwise we’ll have problems for cooking (inside it’s not possible to use those equipments for people safety). At the venue the kitchen won’t be available

A possible alternative might be to involve the High School for hotel services and catering and cook pasta in their kitchen ;-). No problem that way!

What do you think? Please, we’ve not so much time and feed 150 persons at once it’s not a joke! Ciao