Person Specification: Community Manager

I used Amelia’s as a template and adapted it. I think this description can be improved, but I want to work on it up here now that I have a basic draft of it.

The NGI Forward project, part of the topic Next Generation Internet - An Open Internet Initiative is a EC Horizon 2020 project focused on developing a more human-centric Internet: supporting values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralisation, inclusiveness and protection of privacy, as well as giving users the ability to help create an Internet they trust. We are focused on understanding people’s own perspectives on the Internet and desired futures for it to inform long term strategies and policies. We intend to convene a large online conversation in which people discuss these issues, performing continuous ethnographic analysis on it.

We are looking to hire online community managers to collaborate with us on this project. This would run for about two years on a part-time basis (10-20% of your time).


  • Experiencer desirable but not strictly necessary if an experienced participant in online communities.
  • Fluent in <French or Polish or German or Italian> and English.
  • Able to work part-time without set hours during the day or night - strong time management skills.
  • Good writing skills - able to get to and make points succinctly. Able to advance a conversation.
  • An open, tolerant, and patient disposition who can also ‘hold the line’ when needed.
  • Interest in and at least reasonable knowledge of the subject matter of the project.
  • A good collaborator who works well with a team and takes direction from management when needed.


  • Participate in, moderate and be responsible for ongoing online conversations about the future of the Internet and related issues.
  • Add to conversations by providing links to reference material, articles and papers when appropriate.
  • Maintain a lively and civil atmosphere. Mediate conflicts when necessary.
  • Organize the topics to minimize clutter.
  • Help other participants with the platform when they need or request it.


You can do the work online, from wherever you are, but you may be requested to participate in one or more physical meetings. And there will be a required two-day training session in Brussels in early April. Your travel expenses for these meetings will be covered.

If you happen to be in Brussels or Stockholm, you can also come work at the Reef or Blivande (our workspaces), but that’s not a requisite. We coordinate and communicate through the Edgeryders platform.

How to apply

Write to Include:

  • A short motivation letter, explaining why you want to do this and why you think you can deliver.
  • A CV.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received until openings are filled.

Need to add some money figures to it…

Can we please ask them to send us their motivations on the thread instead of your inbox? Like here?

This drives signups on the platform, helps people connect irrespective of getting the gig or not, and we will gauge how interested they are and available to use the platform.

Sure. Suggested location?


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So maybe we move it over there now and get going with it…?

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