Photoshooting. How all edgeryders watching Matera territory?

Hi to all. I’ll be in matera during lote3, and i’m web designer and photographer. I would propose this kind of activity: how someone, about own experiences, eyes, feelings, mood, inspiration, colours, soul…visit and watch matera? I suggest to organize photoshooting in matera or in matera’s territory for realize not common postcards or movie that some advertisings or video territory promotions could produce…But real, normal, raw eyes from edgeryders, genial and surreal that anyone can obtein participating to this photoshooting…“marketing from below” for matera and for edgeryders - unmonastery.

Great idea!

Hello Giuseppe, this is a great idea, thanks! By the way, are you aware of the Instagram competition done by the Matera 2019 crowd? They got people to upload about 1,500 pictures of Matera: you can see them here. Maybe these will help you as material.

Ok, the thing to do now is to describe your session. How long will it be? Theoretical or practical? Do people need to bring cameras? Do you plan to give a talk or will you take participants around Matera to take pictures? etc. Here is a simple format for the proposal; and here is a more complete one.

Instagram competition done by the Matera 2019

Alberto about this i dont know. if you mean lote3 profile in instagram…i have already upload some photos from matera there.

But i have other new photos about matera, so if you tell me link…i can upload some photos too…


I dont need, and we dont need material form matera…we’ll create it by ourself. book by edgeryders in matera, edgeryders’ vision of matera…another idea that borning now…could be, realize a book, sell it…and all gains will be for egderyders or unmonastery…for do other meeting maybe yes?


Giuseppe hi, long time no talking :slight_smile:

I can imagine an outdoor session guiding everyone through the Sassi surroundings. This might be a pretext for taking photos, but of course the artistic eye might need to wander alone and look carefully at some things that are not visible in a guided tour… that is to achieve the “rawness” and “surrealism” you mention.

Like Alberto, I’m also curious how you intend to structure this. You can always edit this post and add more information to it.


Yes Noemi and Alebrto, we could thinking to organize some groups in opposite directions in matera, for example 4 hours in totale where each people is free to photograph, interpreter, draw, register, paint…alone or with someone matera and sassi…My initial idea was go out matera, like Craco for example (the ghost city), there are a lot of movie directed in this location…but i can understand logistic problem to how arrive there (cars, bus and so on)…

But we could cooperate for obtein something special and funny, i think, like activity group, lote3 activity.

view from Sassi - view towards Sassi

Ciao Giuseppe,

you idea is so cool but you already know! Let me give you a suggestion about photoshooting OUTSIDE Sassi: I think that if the aim is pretty artistic (is it?) then we should absolutely take Edgeryders on Belvedere, the panoramic viewpoint looking towards Sassi. Feelings are completely different from one place to the other one: that place is where it all begun and staying there you can see what we have become.

The problem is to reach it: I’m just looking at a  local tour operator flyer. They organize daily rides to Belvedere with a stop off of 30 minutes: I think that you have to consider a period of one hour and half in total. Ticket amount is 8 euros per person but, when we’ll know the number of participants we could contact them and ask for a discount (there are 100 potential passengers!)

Stay tuned!

Hi Rita,

I dont understand your second part of message…why you need a tour operator flyer for do photoshooting?

We only need some hours, day we decide all together…and move on sassi.

low flying balloon aerial photography

We can make some kite aerial photography, or balloon aerial photography. I think it’s quite interesting ,not from the perspective of doing second google earth pix, but to keep it fly low and take pix without intimidating people. (unless you have a very special hairdo heads look almost anonymous from above)

I’ve started playing around with a bottle of helium and an old iphone. I didn’t yet managed to make it fly safely, but I’m getting there.

The thing is, I want to make a baloon relatively small so it doesn’t spook out anyone, but didn’t get hold of any wireless device which is light enough or doesnt require a a bit of protection in case of a crash)

Ive been looking at a wireless webcam which is quite light but the quality is crap and its expensive. Ill see how it goes and hope can come with a functionning prototype.

When it comes down to helium, I cant carry it on a plane, but mb we can to get some from a local baloon provider.

Very very cool

Great idea, [K]. Would you build this on the spot? This would merit a session by itself.

no tour operator!

[Giuseppe] I didn’t mean that we need a tour operator: I was only suggesting a way to reach also the panoramic viewpoint by bus (there’s no another way to get there if you don’t have a car!). it was related to your idea to go “outside” Sassi! In addition, there’s also a way to get there on foot walking across the Gravina canyon: a great experience!

[k] this feels so amazing! What do you exactly mean by “a local baloon provider”? If you could be clearer maybe I could check if ther’s anyone in town who can help