Picking up on previous best-of posts

When starting a new conversation it makes sense to build on what is already in the community. This in order to make people who have contributed in the past aware of the new opportunities to further their work when available. As well as to enable them to link with new people, conversations and knowmedge relevant to their topics of interest.

So I would like to ask you to take 15 mins your time over the next week to put together a list of 5 best-ever-in-the-history-of-edgeryders posts for one or more of these four topics:

a) Health & Social Care
b) Spiritual, Moral and Psychological wellbeing
c) Work and Prosperity
d) Human Centric Tech and especially internet stuff

To help jog your memory you have a useful tools:

  1. All older content has been sorted/tagged based on the wellbeing indicators, so you can pick one and see all the content on the platform that has been tagged with it: What We Care About

  2. You can review the timeline of our edgeryders twitter account to find the really good stuff too: https://twitter.com/edgeryders

The list will be used by the community managers to reach out to authors, inform them about what is going on and see if it is ok to invite them into the conversation/resus their previous contributions


especially you guys @noemi @johncoate @alberto @matthias

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This is for the work category. I picked it because it is such a comprehensive list, full of ideas.

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Here are some, I referenced them in the relevant calls for participation too,
I’ll write to the authors asap. We can’t really create duplication on the site by re-posting, or re-assigning them to other categories. i think really messes up things, no? I propose we ask them for an update about their post and referencing it. Alternatively, we write summaries of those posts in the new projects - maybe 1 summary per theme with the great stories examples. Inspiration day!

a) Health & Social Care

Fostering productive potential in refugee camps
Cytostatic network seen through the eyes of a member
Trash into Toys in Sidi Kaouki

b) Spiritual, Moral and Psychological wellbeing

Trauma Tour
Young people and grief in digital spaces

c) Work and Prosperity

Decent Life for ALL
Spawning the Reef in Brussels. Reinventing communal working and living


I’d love to help with that :slight_smile: