Planning November + December

Hello @reeflings,

I have taken the liberty to reshuffle our planning a little, to make it more evenly spread.

This is what I proposed to the new Reeflings:

  • 05/11: get-to-know-each-other workshop
  • 15/11: plenary meeting
  • 28/11: plenary meeting
  • 04/12: training / onboarding day
  • 12/12: plenary meeting
  • 15/12: deadline to decide on becoming an Associate Member

Compared to our previous planning this means the following:

  • The plenary meeting of 08/11 is moved to 15/11
  • The reflection day scheduled for 20/11 is cancelled and replaced by a training day on 04/12

I also created a new document with a list of all plenary meetings until June 2023, with a column where you can indicate if you can’t make it (internal link). This should make it easier to plan plenary meetings in advance.


Hi @Lee Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I’m not physically available on the 15/11, I had put 8/11 in my agenda but I go to Spain on the 12th. I really would like to join as many plenary meetings as possible :slight_smile: Is there any chance we can do that one online? Also, is the 12/12 set in stone? I have a concert planned since one year but I know that we try to accommodate everyone so if its not possible to change, I completely understand.

I clicked the internal link to the list of plenary meetings and it says the file could not be found. Is it just me ?

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Hi @VickyVanEyck,

I am sorry that the change of schedule affects you and I appreciate you want to attend as many plenaries as possible. Starting to juggle with the schedule to accommodate for individual people is something we try to avoid, because we are just too many. For the plenary on the 15th I think most people would prefer a live meeting, because it’s another opportunity to meet each other, especially for the people who can’t make it to the workshop on the 5th. If the fact that you are missing a couple in November and December would affect your decision to become an Associate Member, please don’t hesitate to ask for some extra time.

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I also got the same problem with the last few files that you sent @Lee. For me it says “the document security token is not correctly formed”

I have this issue as well now. I’ve flagged it in another conversation and tagged you :slight_smile:

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@Sarah, @VickyVanEyck it’s being taken care of.


Thanks Alberto!

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