Planning of LOTE/other acitivites, talk with Nadia on 12/7/2014

Notes from the chat about what has to be done


- What is the Edgeryders Company

  • better, smarter, slightly different

take things of the shoulder

new things that they really serve the need

  • collective intelligence toools
  • bringing you close to understanding
  • which topis/issues bring more attention
  • processing the conversations
  • philantropy
  • list of foundations. what kind of information - europe, georgia, edypt, armenia, caucasus, south america, not public money - private
  • innovation agencies VINNOVA

  • what conditions to make innovation happen

  • how to make sure money goes in the right place,

  • Foresight;

About LOTE

  • lublin for lote/possible cities

venues, catering keeping matera up to date

food as community; local manufactures -fundraising and promoting at the same time

  • chapters in the book to buy, storytelling around the dish., video

  • photography of the place - francesca zito

  • buying chapters by bodies

what is the gain from getting in the book - people work on it, PR, access to ‘common intelligence’

  • hackaton brings people to solve problems in your project

communication strategy

1. Call for participation and hackathon -

  • good projects, wednesday 17th 20 of august 1

  • 6 projects

save the date - monday and sign up ; we dont charge for tickets but we want you to help out

  • we need people solving problems


  • list of organisations that would like to be involved  (Palermo Dora ) and later sold as keynotes, speakers


#LOTE4: taking off with your project

The annual gathering of Edgeryders community is a space of exchange and collaboration for people striving for solving the itching social problems. The upcoming, fourth edition of lote4 will take place in Matera from 25th of October 2014 - and we want 6 most promising, socially innovative, reality-changing projects or projects ideas on our table. Seat around that table people with knowledge and experience, taken from various fields and activities done in the past, to hammer a fine, debugged and prepared to bring social redefinition.

If you want your project to be part of this hackathon process, send us the description

- what else?

- what form? submission form, email?

We are interested in the ideas that will change the social, economical, political, environmental landscape by taking alternative approaches to it -  we will select and invite 6 of them to bring them collectively to ripeness and make sure they start impacting the foreseen target.

Good start. A format I found which I think is nice and clear

Is this one. The text for the call you have written is a part of it, but I think we need some more details no?

FYI: @James Lewis is working on description of the process and ought to have something ready by tuesday.

Ok so I am waiting for more stuff to put it and then I will strcture it. meanwhile what will be the manner proposals are submitted in?

Proposals submitted as posts in existing LOTE4 group

I would suggest that LOTE4 project proposals are submitted as posts to be collectively reviewed and the selected ones developed into event session.  Entries scould be submitted as individual posts in the the LOTE4 group. It would be great if they contained the following information:

1. Contact data Only project proposals submitted by individuals with filled in personal profiles will be considered for a slot.

2. Project title and URL

Describe your project in few words. Don’t forget to include a link to a website or github repository if you have one.

3. Project Context. 

Briefly explain the story behind your project and why it matters to you. As well as an important problem or challenge your project is facing within its context. If it is financing, please describe what it is you think you need financing for and how it would be used to towards your project’s ability to work better or more efficiently. We do not offer funding, however if your project is selected into the LOTE program it will recieve in kind support from skilled participants. 

4. Current understanding. 

Explain what you know about the problem your project is trying to solve, its effect, what you found, your assumptions, your previous ideas (discarded or best) in a matter of research, experiments and/or observations.

5. What is sought, what are key requirements of a good solution? 

Provide some solution constraints (technological, manufacturing, applicability, economic, organizational, cultural, social, politic, etc.) based on your needs. List your questions. What would be criteria for a good solution to your project’s challenges? 

Submission Deadline: September 1, 2014

Submit proposals to as posts in the LOTE4 group on Edgeryders (You need to be signed in to do this, if you don’t already have an account you can get one here)