Plenary 26 February 2024 - agenda

Hi @reef-full, @reeflings , @reef-associate
Here comes the agenda for tomorrow’s plenary. Apologies for posting it late. Please review & see you tomorrow.


@ugne : there is no location indicated yet. Is it at Lie’s?

Hello all,

I’ll try to be there as “observing member” :wink:

I just join the question of @els : where will it take place?


I’ve told it will be at Dave’s place.

@Dave_behave if that’s the case, can you please add the address to the invite on Nextcloud?

For those interested in the agenda point concerning the voting manual for buying a site, here is the link:
There is also a related discussion about it, including some associated proposals, at the end of this thread:
Team Governance and Working Methods: getting started - #81 by ChrisM

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@ChrisM I don’t know who the notetaker was, and I don’t want to ping the entire group. Can you please ping the person in question?

The question to the notetaker is: can you please copy/paste the minutes in the agenda document (link)?


Will do!

The notes are on line.

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