Plenary meeting 12/12

Hello @reeflings,

1. Agenda

Two of the three agenda items that were foreseen for the plenary of next week have dropped off: our coach Mark can’t make it for a Q&A, and the role description for Team Coordination needs a quick discussion by Team Governance first.

That leaves us with the agenda item on the administration of the full membership fee. If Team Finance + Legal manages to reach an agreement, I would propose that we get this out of the way at the plenary, if not we will move it to the next meeting (it’s important that Team Finance + Legal doesn’t feel pressured).

So what I would propose is that we get together an we compose the agenda then and there, together. Options include (but are of course not limited to):

  • The administration of the full membership fee (if it’s ready)

  • A couple of rounds of Q&A for those who hesitate to request membership

  • Practice the deep democracy tool called soft shoe shuffle and have another look at the minority views about the coworking space

  • An end-of-the-year ritual / celebration with MOC Ralf

@reef-finance: should you be ready, can you please post the link to the proposal in this thread and tag all the reeflings?

2. Practical stuff

  • Now that we are so numerous, starting meetings in time has become even more important. Can we please make it a collective effort to start the meeting at 19:30 sharp?

  • For the end-of-year celebration, would anybody be willing to bring some goodies to eat or drink?

  • If you can’t make it, can you please let us know by putting your name down in the agenda document (internal link)? Thanks!


In and definetly in for bringing goodies to eat and drinks!

The link is missing and I don’t know how you do that internal link thingy, but the agenda is available in The reef folder/team reef/plenary meetings/agenda and minutes

I added it now. Sorry I forgot!

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I will be there. But I will be late due to work.
If this is a problem please let me know.

No problem at all. But thanks for letting us know!

Joris can’t make, I can, but not the full meeting (kids alone at home). Is it a problem if I arrive later?

Hello @reeflings,

Here’s a quick reminder about the plenary meeting tonight.

On the agenda:

  • The proposal on the administration of the full membership fee (internal link)
  • A Q&A session
  • An end-of-the-year-celebration

Two practical points:

  • We realise this is a relatively light agenda, so if you’d rather skip this one, that’s really fine. We’d be grateful though if you could let us know in that case.
  • For those who are planning to join: if you could bring a little something to eat or drink, that would be really appreciated. @reef-logistics: could you possibly take care of reusable cups or so? Thanks!

Not a problem at all, though always appreciated if we know it in advance.

Hello @reeflings
Thank you @Lee for this update

I’ve been feeling a bit feverish and coughing a little today so probaby best not to join - for everybody’s sake !
Pity as I enjoy those meetings and would have loved to join the end-of-the-year celebration

Take care :sparkles::pray::sparkles:


Yup, I’ll bring the reusable cups :slight_smile:

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I’ll bring cookies.


In the end I wont be able to come tonight, my energy levels will not allow that :frowning:
Quite sad to miss the end of the year ritual, but that’s how things have to be…


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Was planning on coming tonight, but I am D-E-A-D after today’s workday. A full day of meetings + training and also my second-to-last before going on holiday. All those to do’s to finish. :skull:

I’ll see you all next plenary when there’s a fuller agenda. Tonight I’m gonna take some rest instead. Enjoy tonight’s celebration! I’ll see some of you tomorrow at Brutopia for the visit to some of the units.

Sorry to also cancel a bit short-notice, but I am still struggling with a cold and I was hoping I would feel fit enough to come, but in the end I just feel quite sick and am coughing a lot. So unfortunately I wont be able to make it, which might be in everyone’s best interest as well… Would have loved to join the end-of-year-moment though, and am sending some christmas-y love from afar :slight_smile: See you all soon!


The notes and minutes of the 12/12 plenary have been added to the usual document.

@reef-finance > I did my best to explain the point about the full membership fee and the amended proposal. Please feel free to correct my notes if I misunderstood things.