Plenary meeting 28 November

Hello @reef-coordination,

It seems like we don’t have a whole lot of topics for the next plenary meeting, and probably not enough to convoke a meeting in presence.

From what I can see possible agenda items could be the following:

  • Team Building stuff on sites and scouting
  • Policy reviews: organigram and plenaries (format & frequency)

So questions:

  • Does anybody have other topics that they would like to add to the agenda?

  • If no substantive topics are added, would you agree to hold the meeting online?

  • @Sophie_B: Can you please specify the different items to be added to the agenda, plus how much time is needed for each?

  • @ChrisM: 1) Can it be enough that the newlings can observe us in a meeting online, or would we need an additional social if we hold the meeting online? 2) Would it make sense to use the rest of the meeting time for a sociocracy / governance training for those who haven’t followed one yet?

Any other thoughts of course also very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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love this idea!


Hey @Lee, for now, I see one item on 4 sites which are problematic for various reasons and for which it would be good to get the opinion of the group on whether/how to move forward. Guess that would take around 30min.
We have a team meeting on Friday, will report back after that. @reef-building, anything else you can think of for now?

The only thing I could think of is the summary on where we are with the different sites. Apparently, @Lee you said you were gonna do that? Let us know, otherwise I can have a look at it

Does that mean we should prepare a proposal on the plenary format and frequency? Or the idea is to discuss and create a proposal together?

I must have been misunderstood, because I have no idea what you are talking about. So - whatever it is - great if you can have a look at it.

Apologies for the unclear use of words. These are things we decided in the last 6 months: having plenaries every 3 weeks instead of 2 (frequency), and having them online and on Sundays (format). They are item on the “review” list.

What would you propose we do with it? Add it to the agenda, or wait a bit longer until we have more experience?

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Yes, add them, it’s a good idea! I just got a bit confused, sorry…

Hey, I’m responsible for this confusion, sorry @Sarah and @Lee! (I was referring to Lie offering to rename the prefeasibility studies.) Sarah, if you could prepare something for the plenary, that would be fabulous, thanks a lot!
Also, Sarah is the only member of Team Building (that only consists of 4 members) who can make it to the plenary so that’s all we can contribute, I am afraid.


Hello @reeflings,

I am struggling a bit with the agenda of this Tuesday’s plenary, and so I was wondering who will actually be able to make it.

Could you please fill in the poll below?

Also: if you are a buddy of a newling that is not yet in the Signal groups, can you please give them a ping?

  • Yes I’ll be there
  • No I won’t be there

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I think it would ideal if we could keep this meeting in person rather than online, as there are a few Exploring Members coming for the first time (three definites and some maybes)…

I think this is a good idea, as quite a few people who have already put their names down haven’t been able to attend a training yet, and people who have always benefit from a refresh.

And even if the plenary is a light one, we can always head to a bar afterwards to socialise a bit…



Hello @reeflings,

We will be meeting tomorrow for a very short plenary meeting. After that, for those who want to, we can go for a drink.

The draft agenda can be found in the usual place, in the Team Reef folder > Plenary meetings. This is the internal link:

@Sarah, can you please add the link to the Team Building point and let everybody know when it’s there?

@reef-full: if you want to give a proxy for the vote on the feasibility, please contact someone and let them know how you would like to vote.

Finally some practical things:

  • We are meeting at my place, the address is in the agenda and on the calendar.

  • We start at 19:30 sharp, so grateful if you could arrive 5-10 in advance. We like to start the meeting with some calm and serenity, so arriving ahead of time is really appreciated.

  • If you want to hang out and/or bring your dinner and eat it at my place you are welcome starting from 19:00.

  • If you can’t make it and you haven’t filled in the poll above, please let us know, preferably by putting your name down in the agenda.

  • If you are new to The Reef and you haven’t done so yet: we have a short “manual” on plenary meetings, in which we explain what we do and why. This is the internal link:

  • I will hardly be online until the plenary, so if you need me don’t hesitate to contact me on Signal.




Lovely to meet you all and thanks for the meeting!

Here’s a quick follow-up:

  • @reef-building, can you please have a look at the action points?

  • @Veerle, @SimonDelch, @Evi and @bram, if you are confident that you want to become an Associate Member, it would be great if we could find you a Team ASAP. Can you please have a look at the documents and fill them in? They are in the “Associate Members” section of the checklist, under the heading “Teams”. Thanks a lot!


Action point done the next day! TB for the win! :smile: