Plenary meeting tomorrow

Hello @reeflings,

Tomorrow we’ll be meeting for another plenary meeting. The agenda can be found in the Team Reef folder, in the usual place (internal link).

Topics include the Scouting Strategy #2, a proposal to change the process to send on prefeasibility and feasibility studies, a follow up to the 2023 and several selection processes.

Almost all items have a document listed as to read, but if you are short in time for this one I think it is possible to take a pass and rely on the presenters’ two minute summary.

We’ll start at 19:30 sharp, so please arrive 10 minutes in advance. If you can’t make, grateful if you can let us know in the agenda document.

See you tomorrow!


Could whoever took the minutes for this meeting please add them to the agenda doc. And then make a note that they are available (with a copy and paste of the action points) here: Plenary minutes available .