Podcast on biohacking communities

I recently was a guest at the DIY Science Podcast by @lucy and Joram. We talk about our story with starting ReaGent and biohacking communities in general. It may be of interest to anyone here. My thinking has evolved a lot since the fellowship :slight_smile: also welcoming feedback and further discussion here.

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…also Joram and me would be very happy to hear any feedback on our format. Through a lot of discussions in the diybio/diy science networks over the last couple of years we realised that there wasn’t so much awareness or understanding of DIY science among policy/decision-makers, let alone intention to support its development. One of the missing pieces was a good collection of example projects that show the diversity, potential, and challenges of the movement. We hope this podcast will go some way to address that. We also want it to act like a kind of peer-to-peer resource for sharing organisational and funding strategies. AND we also just fancied learning how to do interviews and make podcasts :slight_smile: It’s an independent, no-funding production and we’re definitely beginners, but we want it to be valuable. Let us know what you think.

And thanks again @winnieponcelet – it was really great and very thought-provoking to get to talk to you about all this. I’m still processing everything…!

Hey @lucy & co, nice work!
I listed to part of it when it came out, and the rest just now. I think it’s quite niche, which is great… Personally enjoyed the most the parts about building the community across the organisations (i’m biased, duhh!) and I would maybe include a question about impact that this early ecosystem has been seeing at the city/ region level, maybe a recap somewhere.

For format, would keep it no longer than 30 mins and maybe have extra files attached separately (ie the part of you guys geeking out about horses**** and experiments gone bad etc). A paragraph with the 1-2 touchdowns of Winnie would also help, as a teaser. Anyway, I’m super amateur in this so feel free to ignore. Keep it up!

This could be something good to look at for @gregoiremarty and their community radio initiative, and for @alex_levene and storytelling efforts around our own :stuck_out_tongue: