POPREBEL: a first look at the social network

For the benefit of the whole POPREBELlion, here is a first look at the social network of the conversation on the platform. As of today, there are:

  • 40 participants
  • 292 posts in 75 topics, for a total of 60 K words
  • 103 pairwise direct relationships (of the type “Alice replies to Bob’s content”).

Here is what it look like:


The reason why this image looks the way it does is that I wanted to visualize both the POPREBEL and the NGI Forward social networks. All nodes in this graph represent people who participate in the POPREBEL conversation. Grey nodes (13) represent participants in POPREBEL who also participate in NGI Forward, whereas red ones (27) represents participants who do not. When we add NGI Forward itself we get this:


The additional 58 green nodes take part only in NGI Forward, but not in POPREBEL itself.

Any observations on the nature of the social processes at work, based on the graph?

The question is mostly for the community management team: @noemi @johncoate @MariaEuler @natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian … who am I missing?


@inge @anon82932460 check this out, i think you may find understanding this helpful and useful visual communication material


I think you have included everyone we got so far :wink:

Haha, it’s cool! You can see Natalia at the center of the Polish conversation that’s yet to be started given how disconnected everyone there is (similar to Hugi at the center of NGI) and myself making the mess between colors :-))

I think even with a minimum contribution of @Jan, the graph will change completely… Jan, you should move up north so to speak and talk to the Poles more :slight_smile:

The first big regularity is that there are no singletons: everybody who posted got at least one person to talk to. Good work community managers!

Yeah @Jan the North Remembers :grin:

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