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Polish competition, deadline 30 of March - support for any innovative project in the field of culture, no matter if a startup or existing institution.


Advocate Europe is an annual idea challenge for European initiatives and projects realised by MitOst and Liquid Democracy, funded by Stiftung Mercator. We are looking for unconventional and transnational project proposals which strengthen connection and cohesion in Europe. Advocate Europe is aimed at civil society actors who are looking for start-up funding and support to implement sustainable ideas in the fields of civic education, arts and culture, democracy and participation, social innovation or advocacy. We will fund up to 12 pioneering proposals with grants of up to €50,000 each.

Until 8 of March 6PM, we’ll try :wink:

  • Result: Submitted the Futurespotters Lab or variants of that proposal (see Recycle Bin).


The general objective of this call for proposals is to support cultural, audio-visual and cross-sectorial projects aiming at facilitating the integration of refugees in the European environment, enhancing mutual cultural understanding and fostering intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, tolerance and respect for other cultures.

The expected output is a limited number of high quality consortia formed by bodies working in the creative and cultural sectors that will create and test initiatives designed to support the integration of refugees in the participating countries and share their results, and which are referred to as Creative Partnerships.


Are you an artist or creator? An NGO or a non-profit private body or a public body, whose activities contribute to the promotion of culture and artistic creation? If your project is compliant with the criteria indicated in the Operational Guidelines of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC), you can submit your project application and be considered in order to benefit from the financial support of the Fund.

Priority is given to young artists and creators aged 18 to 30 years old.

Only a limited number of projects will be approved for funding.

Deadline 31 od May


“We welcome concrete, action-oriented initiatives that focus on protecting civil society, which is one of our top priorities,” Leissner said. “CD-UNITED has already provided valuable support to local organizations engaged in educational campaigns and efforts to promote democracy and protect human rights. We look forward to having an even bigger impact this year.”

The list of eligible recipients ranges from unregistered organizations and non-profits to universities and international organizations that are working to promote human rights, freedoms and the values enshrined in the Warsaw Declaration.

The proposed activities can take place anywhere in the world.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, through 31 December 2016. Due to the high volume of applications, interested organizations are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, before funds are exhausted.


While the Internet has been very good so far at helping people do things together, it is still very difficult for groups to collect money and use it transparently. As a result, we see initiatives, projects, movements popping up here and there that disappear quickly from lack of funding. Imagine how many wonderful things don’t happen in the world because funding - which is oxygen for most organizations - is difficult to sustain. Without an easy way to raise and spend money, it’s hard to manage and grow many of these seeds of an idea that could change the world.

Meetups, open source projects, parent associations, neighborhood associations, pet projects, clubs, unions, movements, non-profits, business incubators - in order to operate, all of them are forced to use a physical glass jar, ask a sponsor to directly pay their expenses or front the huge overhead of setting up and managing a corporation or a non-profit. It’s either inefficient and opaque or it’s overkill.

OpenCollective enables groups to quickly set up a collective, raise funds and manage them transparently.

We want all those seeds to have a chance to grow, to bring their ideas to life. We believe everyone should have the tools to create the organizations of tomorrow. And we are dedicating ourselves to making that happen!

Natalia (I’m in touch with them and I think this is a very good alternative/support source to try out)



So Natalia insisted we go for this Advocate Europe competition- unfortunately it’s more about ideas than methodologies, which is our strong point.

The proposal is here and is one of 600 ideas out of which 50 get shortlisted for mentorship and 12 win (end of June): https://advocate-europe.eu/en/idea-space#!/r/advocate-europe/2016/proposal_0000489/

We’ll keep on doing this but maybe target more the opportunities.

cc @Hannes @Alex_Levene


Cal out to the community to join up and support the proposal

It took me 3 minutes to join and pledge my support to the proposal. There’s additional funding available for proposals that get a lot of community support so this should be very simple for a large community network like Edgeryders.

2 take-aways from it:

  1. there are a lot of proposals in there that have similar goals, plans as Edgeryders, or they are looking to build networks similar to Edgeryders, but built in the Balkans, or Eastern Europe. Perhaps there is an opportunity to reach out to them and make them aware of us, what we have done/are doing and see if they want to partner.

  2. a lot of the proposals i looked at didn’t fill in the community section at all! Perhaps if we can fiddle with the application while it’s being assessed we can emphasise that area more to make us stand out more.

I’m now going to do some research into other opportunities



Votes and having people register on other platforms …

… turns out it’s a waste of our network capital - and for prizes of 1,2,3000 eur not really worth putting up a whole campaign. I’m not saying this out of the blue, we have a history. Just look here :slight_smile:

What is good about that platform (of so many things that are not good) is that applications are visible, as you say, and we can get in touch with the initiators, so will do that for sure!

Thanks Alex, this is such a good start for our culture squad. If you feel the need for a call to make a plan and be strategic in approaching this, I am up for it. Maybe in 10 days time as I’ll be away the next week. Also, we need a post to introduce this new team and our plan :slight_smile:


always learning

Thanks for sharing that stub, it all makes sense. My only thought was that no-one seems to be running away with the community votes yet and that maybe 10 people could make a difference early on in the voting process that might show others the strength of the ER community.

I’ll go through the applications again and see where there might be communications initiated, project overlap etc. and then we can discuss how we might reach out to them.

I’d definitely be keen on a call to discuss soon: i can do the 17th, then I’m away in the wilds of Scotland from 18th-26th and i don’t know if i’ll have internets. Otherwise we could chat on the 28th/29th March.



i am ready to sit and work on a new step next week. I have some ideas for fundings and I have met some new interesting people. Let’s see;)