Projects Recycle Bin: ready to remix & resubmit

This is a wiki, feel free to update it, at a minimum with name of project + link to a comprehensive writeup.

Note: some of the content in each application could be out of date, please check with its initiator if you need the latest and let them know what you are using and to what purpose. Also consider involving Edgeryders LGB and the community in your new project.

  • The Policy Hero Challenge (submitted in the fall of 2013 for Youth in Action): could also be used when fundraising for future LOTEs: a lot of the content is based on organising an event co-designed by participants 
  • The unMonastery (version submitted to European Social Innovation Competition in Dec 2012)
  • Baumhaus Berlin (version submitted to European Social Innovation Competition in Dec 2012)
  • EKIP - Edgeryders Knowledge Integration Programme (version submitted to European Social Innovation Competition in Dec 2012)
  • Social Capital for Social Ventures (version submitted to European Social Innovation Competition in Dec 2012)
  • Edgeryders (version submitted as an entry to the Knight Foundation competition on open government, in spring 2013)
  • Edgeryders (version submitted as an entry to the Nominet Trust, Programme Fund: Digital Edge, in Sep 2013)
  • Democracy Camp Europe (prepared for the runup to the European Elections 2014)
  • Living on the Edge event: Fully unPacking Lote4: organisation, processes, key roles, budget and outcomes - focused on steps and processes to mobilize 100 people and allocate resources accordingly
  • Harmonious Hackathons (submitted end of 2013 for European Social Innovation Competition)
  • Futurespotters Lab (submitted in July 2015 for Bucharest European Capital of Culture 2021) - a 6 months residency programme in a city focused on matching local projects with edgeryders from all over - includes hackathons to define the challenges and do the matching, residencies, project jams and other events on site, and a final event. The meta narrative is looking into the future of collectivities in postcommunist areas, but also in Europe at large


You’re a star.

I’m trying to get my head around the way the recycle bin should function w/out making it too complex.

I suppose the cc licensing is up to those who wrote the projects&filled in the forms.

Also will ask whether anyone I know would like to dump old forms.

Of course, the best is to have them with comments: from real to guessed reasons of not getting funded to emotional unConfessions.

Open call: small grants of 10K from Nesta

This call on Policy and Research is just out, and they are funding the following:

  • Development and application of innovative methods for understanding innovation
  • Using big data or open data to understand innovation
  • Mapping and analysing new trends in social, business or technological innovation
  • Public policies to promote innovation
  • Adoption of innovation in public services
  • Innovation in emerging economies

Full call:

Deadline: 21 February 2014

I think it might be worth approaching, I can see a good match with the Social Capital 4 Social Ventures. We could be asking for the money to research & develop the SC4SV Grant and a social contract between participants, prototype a small network of people lending their skills for the development of one selected project, see how that works. We’ve been going on and on about this for over a year, since it’s something that would solve our resource-related problem.

Links to Google Drive out of date

Links to file held on GoogleDrive are now out of date (ex. - Futurespotters Lab) Can whoever holds them update the links or add them as documents to the Edgeryders site?