Potluck lunch at Chris & Sarah's place - Sunday 19 May

Hi @reeflings !

There will be a potluck lunch at our place on Sunday 19 May. As well as a moment to spend some quality social time together (more important than ever right now, I would say), this will be an opportunity for current Exploring Members to meet a few more of the crew before making their decision on whether to take the next steps with the project.

This time we’ll start at about 13h, but you’re welcome to come later if you want to skip lunch and just join for a drink.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of potluck, basically everyone brings food and drink to share with everyone else. There’s no rules, and it’s not a competition :wink: Sometimes we set up a form where we can all say what we’re bringing, but this time it’s a potluck in its purest form - so bring whatever you want, and if we end up with 10 deserts and 1 salad (as happened once at a potluck I attended in NZ), so be it. For the record, there’s quite a few vegetarians in the group, and the odd vegan, but if you feel inspired to bring something that involves meat, this would be a perfectly acceptable choice :slight_smile:

If the weather plays our game, we’ll sit outside, and we could even fire up the bbq. I’ll post here nearer the time if that looks likely, as it will no doubt inform people’s food choices.

As most of you know, we’re in Anderlecht, quite close to the Saint Guidon metro station, and there’s plenty of STIB and De Lign public transport coming from all directions. The address can be found easily in the Members Registry file on Nextcloud, or you can send me a text.

Here’s the customary poll to get a sense of numbers:

  • I’ll be there for lunch
  • I’ll come after lunch
  • Sorry, can’t make it
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Hi Chris, Aline and I will be in lovely “Franche Comté” for the long week end, thanks for the invite !


Ping @Nathalie and @andrew

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fyi, Tinne & Koen (new exploring members) will probably not make it

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Forecast to rain tomorrow, so we’ll stick to the original plan of potluck lunch, and fire up the bbq another time… :slight_smile:


Andrew, Geneviève and Tom are planning on dropping by mid-afternoonish.
(Sorry for the late reply,I’m still getting to grips with the new platforms).



Great! See you soon… :slight_smile:

Hi @ChrisM,
Thank you for organising the potluck, we had a very nice time.
The food was sooo good - I can already imagine the kg we will all put on if this continues like this in the actual cohousing :slight_smile:
The company was even better :wink: we are happy to have met some of you in real life and to confirm our positive feeling about the group and the project.
Looking forward to the next step.


Thanks @LuciaM !
One of my flatmates came home tired and hungry from bike polo (yes, that’s a real thing), and was so happy to find a delicious homemade tortilla on the table. He sends his highest compliments :slight_smile:

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