Preparing Swafs 27-2020

Notes and action points after the first planning call to prepare the application for the call “Hands-on citizen science and frugal innovation”.

Participants: Francesco (Lisbon Council), Antonella (T6), @chiara.certoma (U Gent), @alberto and Marina.

  • 8 million budget, probably three projects will be financed under the sub-topic A and three under the sub-topic B. We apply under A. “Citizen Science”. Need to downsize the previous proposal a bit.
  • In the last proposal the partnership was unbalanced (too many partners)
  • The added value – ethnography as citizen science is particularly strong
  • For this call the synergy with ongoing projects such as EU-Citizen.Science, CitieS-Health, MICS, ACTION, SUPER_MoRRI is important. Antonella is involved in some of these, especially MICS which is the advantage and we can create clear links
  • Side note: The EU-Citizen Science Platform was particularly promoted at the last two EU events in Brussels: Marzia Mazzonetto, EU Citizen Science Association could be a good contact if needed. Same is for the UCL and the research group on Extreme Science, contact is Mordechai Haklay
  • Also relevant – justify how the methodology will contribute to the social inclusion

Action points:

  • Re-think the research question, make a list of what we want to study using the same methodology. For Edgeryders: we are interested in environmental activism, to understand the climate generation and the interaction with the policy making (use the political momentum, considering the new Green Deal…) or forms of familiar constellations
  • Find out what is the most relevant to maximize our chances – good strategy: look at what projects received funding in the last round of calls
  • Alberto will draft the concept note, share the google doc.
  • Others: Identify the core partnership and check what kind of organization(s) we are missing. Consider including a University, Faculty of Sociology or Anthropology with a motivated researcher. Start with looking at recently published papers on CS, ethnology on CS, environmental movements, action theory, participatory ethnological methods, or find a researcher studying these methods. @amelia any ideas?
  • Keep the connection to industry - consider keeping the partner from the US, check if the CCL would still be a good fit, @winnieponcelet
  • Go back to the evaluation of the last proposal, check what is still relevant and needs improving (for example how the gender balance will be addressed in research terms or potential risks of combining citizens science and ethnography)
  • Confirm the coordinator: Lisbon Council, a University or another partner whose core business is the topic
  • Next call scheduled for 25th of October at 11 am.

Important: in the call, we gravitated towards the idea of an ethnography of (mostly young) climate activism in Europe. I find this subject politically and intellectually very interesting, but that’s just me. Feel free to brainstorm other possibilities.

  • Quasi-familial arrangements and non-traditional relationship forms, @amelia and @hugi?
  • Others?

Hey, we hadn’t officially communicated it yet, but we won’t participate in the new proposal with GLIMPS. The organisation is going through a period of growth with a lot of other work to focus on and we don’t see this happening in tandem. In addition of course to the other reasons that were discussed in person @alberto