Preparing the new interface for edgeryders

Ah, no. Just make the text available in two languages. @gdpelican is making it so that it’s easy to adapt.

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Here they go, both texts in English and Slovenian: (the 3rd one is adapted for print version, ignore it)


My first attempt ended with an error and I couldn’t submit, picture in attachment

The Age should be optional

The text in Latin is for the consent funnel - I was trying to understand which text do we use, should I prepare one or we use the one that is in github?

Also, we need the SLO/EN button on top of the first page and the access to Slovenian version (I shared the slovenian language version of the text above in a google doc)

These are first issues I saw @gdpelican@matthias @hugi - hope it’s not too much to change. Otherwise, looks great and does MAGIC! Thank you all, @gdpelican - I haven’t thanked you yet, I am incredibly grateful! Happy to take you out for a drink in berlin sometime! :wink:


Being able to switch between two different languages on the new installation is a new requirement that was not in the original specification. The project is already bogged down because of the unforeseen issues with Discourse. @gdpelican can keep it in mind if there is time? What we can do otherwise is to have two installations - one in each language.

You used the e-mail address of your existing account on Discourse. So the software refuses to create an account because the address is taken. It just can’t tell you that clearly so far, but that will change. Like I said above, just invent an e-mail address that does not even exist, ideally something … so we’ll not send account activation e-mail to some random dude.

Please prepare a text that is as close as possible to the one on Github, but reworded so it makes sense as a single checkbox. Basically “I understand an agree that …” and then recount the learning lessons from the quiz on Github. That will prevent trouble as much as possible because this consent then can be considered equivalent to answering the quiz.

The issue persists, and the problem is somehow that if there’s an error, even if you go back or fix whatever was missing (i didn’t put the age first and tried submitting it), the form will keep on showing the error and you can’t submit it anyway…

@hugi - absolutely right, if it’s possible, it would be wonderful, if not, we will have to live without it or i will maybe find extra little budget, if you could tell me how much it would cost to have a second language i will see if we have anything left


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Would it also be possible to have the form automatically give you a chance to start typing without having to click on the space when you flip the page?

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Here I will list a couple of things we’ve noticed so far:

  1. On the phone when you enter the second screen, it sends you automatically to the bottom of the page - so you have to scroll up to see the whole text and then continue. It happened both on Android and iphone

  2. The map is missing at the end: Questionnaire digital desktop MAP VIEW.pdf (24.7 KB)

  3. If there’s a possibility, could you make the vertical line that allows you to start typing appear automatically in each of the text windows?

  4. Would it make sense to have also shortcuts/commands assigned for the back and next buttons? It will be used on stationary tablets, Samsung, in the Museum, in case that’s important.

  5. The x in the yellow circle on top appears somehow off on safari iphone version 16%20AM

  6. The consent funnel:

I understand that this form is used for research. Researchers are encouraged to treat your answers as a window into societal, economic, technological, and political trends and transformations that affect us. As I participate in the discussion, I do not fear bad consequences when sharing with others my views and alignment on societal, economic, technological and political issues.

@hugi @gdpelican @matthias (in case you want to see that :))

It finally worked, I submitted it on my phone! but in my browser I keep having the same issue

Also, would it be possible to somehow lock the space on trustinplay so that all the answers don’t appear on the main page? It’s a bad moment for that as we’re building quite a momentum in this community :wink:

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@matthias - when will this address be live?

I just set up the nameserver for it, which will take about a day to propagate the settings. After that, we can switch it live anytime at a moment’s notice …

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