Presentation Vilfredo goes to Matera

I would like to make a 90 minutes presentation on a tool that I would suggest the unMonks use to take decisions. The tool is an online consensus building tool called Vilfredo goes to Athens. The tool uses a human being genetic algorithm to find the answer to a How question. In other words it let people propose answers, vote on each other answers, and slowly reach an agreement through creative phases of writing, and selective phases of voting.

The system uses cutting edge mathematics (I’m an edge ryder and I have worked on it for the last 4 years, what do you expect :wink: ) to filter proposals and guide the community toward a consensus one generation after the other. Not only this, but by observing how the people vote it suggests specific actions to the people (who should speak with whom, on what topic) to help reach a consensus.

All this and much more will be presented if 90 unforgettable minutes of your time. After that, we can decide if the unMonks want to try to use Vilfredo for the unMonastery. And in case if we should do a test run in the next days.

Note that Vilfredo works best with groups between 5-25 people. So it is really tailored for the unMonks. On the other hand even in big group it is rare that more than 20 people are really willing to put in the time to decide on something (which means reading all the proposals by everybody, commenting on the ones they don’t like, see how they can adapt to the community wishes to try to find an acceptable compromise). So if mor people want to try it out we can start several test cases.

You can find more about it in the github wiki (recently started, but it has some links to some video)


Yes :slight_smile:

Definitely, bring it on. [Ben], do we have something like the Track 1 wiki for Track 2?

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