Program Updates

Hey all,

Some updates about the ever-evolving program! You can see the most updated version of the program here.

As the OpenVillage project and MENA project develop, the structure of the program has been slightly altered. As stated before, the general themes of the festival (Open Science, Architectures of Love, and Revolutionary Care) will be woven throughout the festival.

Day 1 will be an introduction to the general themes, as well as a way to present some theoretical views of care. This process will allow us to ease into the conversations and the urban game will be a way to loosen our bodies and our minds with each other.

Day 2 will focus more on the practical. It will highlight ways that projects have taken the theoretical and developed them into daily practices and infrastructures.

Day 3 will focus on the visionary. It will be a combination of introduction to the OpenVillage projects, but also looking at the process of other collectives around creating community. Overall, we aim for it to be a capstone conversation to the previous two days. How do we create the structures of care needed in our local worlds while also creating the tangible villages to experiment? We will use the MENA project as an experimental space to visualize the logistics as well envision the dreams of a new world, a world capable of answering the pressing catastrophe around us. We hope all participants stay for Day 3 and that you bring your most creative and visionary selves to the process. We will need all of you to make it work!

As we continue to develop the program, we ask all participants and presenters to have patience with us! While we want to give everyone the time to present formally, there may be some changes to the formal presentation schedule. But Day 3 will be left more informal and we desire that folks feel empowered to present their work in small groups. Also, if you do have work that you feel encouraged to present informally, we hope that it can be included in Day 3. Lastly, if there are still formal proposals for sessions, please post them on the blog! It will always be helpful for the larger community to hear about your work and there is no telling how many other projects you can inspire! We will plan on having a formalized schedule by September 15th. So please continue sharing and participating. We hope to see you all in Brussels!

Festival Curators


Thanks for the good work on the program @woodbinehealth !

Some notes for myself and people who want to pitch in:

  • We need a third panel member for the Edge of Funding session
  • We need a sparring partner for Marko in the CERN style review session on Ethics and Data Protection

Have any potential candidates surfaced @noemi @gehan ?

Thanks Frank @woodbinehealth for this, so much appreciated. I made some comments in light of last week’s community call and added a sheet with the parked proposals. Let’s indeed aim for mid September as a final date!

Also note that now has each session page linking to the conversation on our forum, so feel free to share those and invite people to join.

Winnie, for Edge of Funding we currently have Paola, Eric (not a moderator last time I checked… maybe I missed smth), Chris. I dont know who else would be needed.
For the ethics panel we’d have to ask @alberto or @markomanka, but from the current participants I would see either Olivier (echopen) or Fabio/ Bernard (Breathinggames).

Aha, I checked the communication so far and you’re right. I’ve been asking around for a science point of view, but have not found someone yet. Will do a final round of emails, otherwise 3 panel members is fine.
Then we do still need a moderator.

I propose @Nadia for an engaged moderator. she knows about funding gone bad and crowdfunding done well i.e. openandchange :slight_smile:

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Seconded :slight_smile: Are you up for it @nadia ?

So @amelia can’t be at the festival except on Sunday - I think we will be missing an opportunity not being able to present the ethnography of opencare on the first day - but nothing much to do.
@woodbinehealth can you move the session for sunday morning? Thanks!