Progress of the Hackathon

Hello everyone ! :wink:

So here we are, 2:45 PM GMT+1 in Medenine, Tunisia…
The Edgeryders & OurGhema Hackathon is in his second day, and half of a day is left to finish.
As you know we started yesterday working on the project Realities and we divised the tasks for three groups to make three tasks :slight_smile:

  • Graph Visualisation

  • Email (Send email)

  • Deliberation

So @owen, @Emhemdi, and I formed the first team and we have been working on The Graph Visualisation.
Few hours and we’ll be finishing… Good luck for all teams :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


There actually is a fourth task, a product description. I report on it here.


Oups ! Sorry Alberto, I forgot to mention that :sweat:

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