Proposal on partial reimbursement of training courses on NVC and sociocracy

Hello @reeflings,

I have created a proposal on the partial reimbursement of training courses on NVC and sociocracy.

The proposal:

  • Associate Members who want to follow a training course on sociocracy or nonviolent communication can claim a reimbursement of the training course fee of 50% with a maximum reimbursement of 100 euro per person per course.

  • People who would like to claim reimbursement are asked to announce beforehand which training course they are going to follow (+ how much it costs), to post a short report on the Edgeryders forum afterwards and to share the training course materials if possible.

  • Reclaiming the money can only be done at the moment of becoming a Full Member.

Further details:

See the Team Reef > Proposals folder. This is the internal link.

The process:

Given that this proposal follows up on a decision that has been made already in the Blueprint 1.0 (i.e. to invest in training), my proposal would to seek consent in writing only.

If you have an objection (i.e. a risk that you see for our community or something you can’t work with) you are welcome to post it below in this thread, if possible together with the amendment that you would like to see.

My proposal would be to consider the proposal as accepted by 19 July (provided that all objections (if any) have been resolved. The proposal also has a review clause in the near future (20/11). I will include a note in the next update, so that everybody gets the opportunity to be informed about this first written process.


I have read the proposal, and support it. You have my consent.

(Is this how I would give written consent?)

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Yes, that’s how I imagine it, even though I think just using the :heartbeat: function would do too.

I’ll put it on the agenda of Team Governance to flesh this out a little, so that it becomes clearer in the future.

Ok, so this one got a little snowed under, but I think everybody has had the chance to react (it was included in the “updates” document) and I think it also qualifies as "good enough for now, safe enough to try), so I will write it in the decision log as a decision that has been taken.

That being said, I also think that it wouldn’t hurt if we had another look at this “written consent” thingy, so I’ll put it on the list of Team Governance.