Q&A space with Really Simple Short Answers or a Complete Idiot's Guide to LOTE3

I want to make a wiki for FAQ questions from people who want to join ER and help with LOTE3. Really simple, suitable for non geeks, and only dedicated to Making LOTE3. In addition to promovids, description and a User Manual (which is mainly for the old platform users, coz it starts with “Like the old website, this one is designed to enable many-to-many interaction…”)

I hear people saying that they would love to join ER&help with LOTE, but can’t get their head around the ER site. I guess the most problematic bit starts after creating an account.

This might seem strange for those who have been on ER since ages back and participated online/offline. When I get these questions I send people links with comments. So the wiki could be just a bunch of links with simple comments related to specific questions written in a very simple language and short extracts from User Manual relevant to Making LOTE3.

I think the reason for it is that there is A LOT OF STUFF going on and a lot of content, and the fact that most ER are geeks familiar with wiki logic.

Now I will try to figure out how to add a wiki to Making a LOTE3 group.

creating wiki - how-to :slight_smile:

  1. go to /t/making-lote3/360

  2. click on “create post” (blue button)

  3. scroll down and click “start a wiki”

if you have any questions - ask - here or in the wiki with q&a hihi :)

The same!

Excellent initiative. I have had the exact same feedback from my people. It is true that there is the tutorial, and there is the document Matthias wrote with all the instructions, but as you said this is more about “Making the LOTE”. I don’t know if trying to translate it in Italian has a lot of sense, as in any way if people do not speak English, arriving here doesn’t help a lot.

Thanks, Dorotea.

Thanks, @dorotea.

@ilariadauria I don’t think we have to translate it into Italian, though there might be a question in Italian: something like “Do I have to carefully read all the posts in English if I want to join and contribute?”

And the answer can be for example: redirecting them to the local Materian discussions regarding LOTE3 and UnMonastery, or other options allowing to participate w/out reading through all the posts, some of which are in geek-nglish.

Doers are not necessarily readers.

Lots of people who can bring in a valuable contribution and can perfectly communicate in English too just get lost in the amount of content or terminology.

Added a Q&A Wiki. It’s so

Added a Q&A Wiki. It’s so difficult to be really simple: please, edit everything which can be simplified and add questions you’ve heard people asking.

Added stuff

ok, I added some things I thought are recurring, maybe rename the wiki and let’s link to it from somewhere in the minisite /t/lote3/312 so others can read the FAQ?

yeah, definitely

It’s a good idea to link it to the minisite, will it still be editable? There might be more questions to come.

Thanks for adding stuff. We might also do a quick survey on what questions edgeryders were asked about LOTE3. Should we ask on twitter or a group mail: onvite ppl to add or to send questions back and we’ll try to answer them in simpliest&shortest way possible.