Questions from the new engagement manager on cases

Dear friends,

shall I share only those notes, cases of which will appear on the website? Or shall I note all the conversations, both on weekly calls, phone conversations etc that potentially wouldn’t end up on the platform? In this case, I can just share their experience?


More documentation is better

So please post them here in wikis. Why? Because the more raw data we have, the less we risk any one person’s interpretation being mistaken for facts…with the source materials there, people can add and discuss different layers of interpretation.

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transcripts and audio

I agree it’s best to have all out in the open, but what about parts that the interviewee rather has left out? I am right now working on a transcript in which the subject mentioned an institution by name and why they are failing, but right after it she told me she’d rather not have it so specifically public. Cut it? Mention parts were ‘redacted’?

Just beep it out?

Like they do with swearwords in some cultures.


Hmm we gather all of them in a separate wiki? With some kind of code only known to each individual engagement manager/person who has conducted the interviews?