Questions to Team Logistics

Hello @reef-logistics,

I am opening a new thread for any questions that people may have for you … and I’ll go first :slight_smile:

1. Team Coordinator

A Team Coordinator (formerly called Team Leader) takes care of the functioning of the Team. That means organising meetings when needed, keeping an eye on tasks that get done and also keeping an eye out for everyone in the Team. All Team Coordinators are also invited to the monthly Coordination Group meetings, but for Team Logistics I don’t think anybody would get upset if you’d skip every other meeting or so.

Did you manage to choose a new Coordinator? And if not, do you need help from a facilitator to do a selection process?

2. Picking venues for the plenary meetings

Can you please confirm that you can take care of the venues for the plenary meetings? Basically any quiet place that can host 15-20 people is good, even though most people appreciate it if the venue varies a bit, so that the burden of having to go really far is shared as much as possible.

In your folder you’ll find a list of possible venues, but there may be more of course. When you have picked a venue, can please add it to the calendar invitation on Nextcloud (for every meeting)?

3. Reeflings weekend

At the plenary last weekend many people seemed enthusiastic about the idea of going on a weekend together. The idea that I tested through a quick raise of hands was whether people would be interested to add a day of walks (and other fun stuff) and a sleepover to the so-called “reflection day” that we have planned on Sunday 26 March, where we will hopefully decide to start looking for a site.

So the question is: would you be willing to get this organised? If yes: don’t hesitate to reach out, because other people may be enthusiastic to give you a hand.

Thanks in advance and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need help with anything!


Hello @Dave_behave, @Lara, @ClaudiaPr, @MariaClaudia and @Nele,

According to the teams set-up you were interested in being on Team Logistics. Should this no longer be the case, can you please flag this, in the post on the teams set-up?

After that, with those who choose to stay: could you please get in touch with each other and provide a reply to the questions in the post above? The reply can always be “no” of course, but it would be helpful to know so that we can move forward.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Lie, thanks for bringing this up! And sorry for being so silent here. As discussed, if Jeremy and I take on the role of the secretary, I would put my membership in this team on hold for that time. I think it depends a bit on what you discuss in the plenary on Tuesday.

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I am in. I believe there is no active thread at the moment, so I’ll start this up to schedule a meeting.


Do we still need to elect a Team Leader to represent the group?

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Yes, that would be great. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like some help with the facilitation of that.

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There will be a meeting of Team Logistics on 02nd of Feb.
Things will be cleared at this point.

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@reef-logistics, do you have any news?

It’s mostly the Reeflings weekend that stresses me a little, because it’s coming up shortly and we would need to find a venue.

If you wouldn’t have any news yet, no problem. In that case I’ll probably launch a poll on Sunday evening, so we get a better view on who would actually like to join.

@Dave_behave was going to send out such a poll. He asked me to remind him of it. Consider this as your reminder, @Dave_behave . :wink:

I feel reminded.
I will address this tomorrow evening.

Can I suggest to include an option about people’s sleeping preferences? From what I understood at the plenary some people are ready to sleep in mostly any set-up (dormitory etc) whilst other people really need some quite and good quality sleep and may prefer to have their own room.

Hello @reef-logistics,

If not seen yet, can you please put in an estimate of the money that you think you will need from April until the end of the year?

Facilitation materials are taken care of by Team Facilitation, so the only thing you need to estimate (unless you can think of something else of course) is how much money we will need for venues for the plenary meeting. Take into account that there may be moments where we’ll need a venue because the group will have grown due to new recruitment rounds. Foreseeing the possibility to rent a room in Ten Weyngaert (2 full days on a weekend) is probably also a good idea.

This is the link to the thread where you can find the link: Coordination Group - #38 by ugne


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Hey Lie,

OK. So we are talking about ± two plenaries per month, plus a weekend similar to what is happening next week.

@reef-finance Can team logistics request a small budget for snacks, tea, coffee? Or is that out of the question?

Tagging @Dave_behave

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Hi @reef-logistics , try to estimate the budget with that in mind (a small budget for snacks, tea, coffee) and will see what is possible. Each team’s proposal will be evaluated.


Hello @Dave_behave,

In your capacity of Team Logistics, would you be willing to take care of the administration around the dates for the plenary meetings for the rest of the year? If not, can you please let me know, so that I can look for somebody else?

The dates are in this proposal:

The task would be to:

  1. Update this document:
  2. Add new meetings to the Nextcloud calendar (one for every meeting)