Rallying for LOTE4: How to make the most of it together

So we’ve almost arrived. Our mission with the Living On The Edge series of events is to convene people from diverse backgrounds around current issues tied to systemic problems. Some like Fabrizio Barca and @amelia Andersdotter are state level actors. Others like Robin Chase, Vinay Gupta are entrepreneurs and inventors. @matthias, @ben and @caroline are hacktivists in different domains.

There is room for us all, and parting from our common drive to solve complex problems, as well as mutual respect, we believe Edgeryders’ culture of constructive radicalism will allow us to enjoy each other even when we will disagree.

So how do we make the most of our limited time together?

The very least we can do is to make it easy to know who will be in the room, let other’s know we’re keen on what they have to say, help one another to develop great sessions, as well as pledge to share what we learned by writing one blogpost each summarising our thoughts and experiences from the event…

Two simple steps you can take before the event

1. Familiarize yourself with the Program, in advance. The first version of the final agenda is out, and is curated to highlight the three tracks: Stewarding Physical Assets, Digital Assets or Communities. Have a look, read through sessions and leave comments with questions or suggestions, or let others know which ones you are attending.

  1. Coordinate using #lote4. This is particularly relevant if you need help as you head to Matera or need key info related to anything about the event. If you are looking for a room in Matera, shared rides with other participants etc. your best bet is to tweet about it using the event hashtag. We recommend you don’t leave it to the last minute.

One step you can take during and after the event

1. Share the knowledge. We strive to build the event sessions in such a way that makes it easy to continue conversations and collaborations long after the doors close on the 26th. Good documentation really goes a long way, but it only makes sense if we want to stay within each other’s line of sight and actually build for the future.

Finally, LOTE4 is an opportunity to really enjoy one another’s company. It doesn’t hurt that location is breathtakingly beautiful. Please feel free to bring or build instruments, music, art…whatever you want to contribute to celebrating under the stars with friends old and new.

See you soon!

P.s: If you are planning on joining us for #lote4 (more info) but haven’t registered yet please write to nadia@edgeryders.eu to get up to speed with what’s happening and how you can be part of it.

Photo by Henri Laupmaa

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