Reach out to relevant #opencare projects as mapped on twitter

@jimmytidey is in the process of mapping care conversations on twitter and looking at what key organisations and people are talking about. Some of them can be relevant to OpenCare and might be worth inviting into our OPENandChange process. Ideally we would reach out, ask them to join our online calls, interview them and document their story (I can commit to a few stories by mid Sept).

Right now under mapping as far as I understand are topics like:

  • Open Source and DIY Health (started from open source prosthetics, with OpenBionics at its centre)
    • International and development health issues.
    • Makerspaces
    • Open health software 
  • Mental Health
  • Carers networks

Jimmy can you let us know if we can already browse through the date, what to look at and generally what would be the way to go forward? Thanks :slight_smile:

Open Source Community

This is a diagram of the opensource healthcare community as we are tracking it on Twitter at the moment.

It suggests to me that it might be nice to see if we could message @openaps, @openbionics, @enablethefuture or @robdykedotcom and see if we could have a more indepth chat with them? More suggestions to follow…

I’m working on the carers and mental heath sections now.  Sorry this took a while, I’ve been cleaning up the data set!

Reset my localnets account?

Thanks @jimmytidey, will get in touch. But I’d like to go in and access localnets to see the entire list of accounts - easier than looking up each individually and getting context about them… Please help? Can’t remember if I need a password or not…

Password reset

You should be able to reset it here:


Mental Health Community

Any luck with that login?

This is the mental health network. Orange are the nodes that we used as seeds, blue are the accounts and hashtags they mention most.

I’ve added in the following accounts:

I think it would be interesting to contact:

First emails sent!

@jimmytidey thanks, I could log in on Localnets. I followed your advice and contacted the groups behind the accounts, although DIY and open science is clearly more developed, probably because you mapped it for longer or because the date inputed was just better.

The @blurtalert account is interesting in that they run a blog with interesting personal accounts, so will scan it to see if they reference projects.

The We Communities are definitely interesting - they have p2p sharing and advice giving using twitter chats at fixed times. Curious if they answer.

Has anyone got back to you?

Carers on Twitter graphic

This is the carers graph, using the carers shortlist on

On the other graphs I’ve presented I’ve used colour to differentiate between sources and not sources, where sources are the accounts which I’m collecting data from. On this one there are such distinct communities I’ve used colour to show which community users belong to. Pink seems to be development health issues around carers, while black is clearly around @hackingwithcare. Blue seems to be UK focused (?). I’m not sure about green.

Added hashtags as sources

The following hashtags have come up as particularly interesting:

 #mPoweringORB -- this one especially I think 

contacts for carers

I thought the following accounts looked particularly interesting. The criteria I’m thinking about are that they are relevant to caring, but also, to some extent, ‘below the radar’.


@jacqedwards / @medic



Getting richer…

Thanks Jimmy. I will check these out, and no, no response - maybe I made the mistake of contacting people before holiday season was over, so those messages risk being very de-prioritized. If you have new ideas, shoot.

I’m thinking for carers we might link them directly to interesting posts here rather than invite them to a generic project like OpenandChange and the application. I’ll try to get a proper summary and call online, then point them to it directly.

What is the call to action?

You are no longer doing skype interviews with people? I thought that’s what you were inviting them to?

Did you at message them via Twitter, or something else?

You need contexts

I did messafe them, but so far people are not responding when emailed / or pinged, so I figured it’s easier to point them to something of direct relevance as an entry point - a good writeup.

Yes we’re doing skype calls but that means someone is willing to engage… or manifests interest. So the question is what would draw people’s interest? Any other ideas?

Super interesting

Just letting you guys know I am following what you do. It’s way out there. Looking forward to see if the strategy succeeds.

Contacting via Twitter - spreadsheet to keep track of everything

Here is a Google doc to track our efforts to contact people:

Where we had a Twitter account for an organisation, I’ve also found the personal account which is most linked with that organisation.

I think it might be worth Tweeting to the personal account first, then following up with the official account.

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Not sure if we have more time, but

an interesting topic surfacing from conversations is on #generational #solidarity #coliving.

Maybe include those in the hashtags list @jimmytidey. If not I can go through twitter hashtag feeds myself and see if there’s smth there.