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My name is Mayur and I’m a financial analyst by trade. Last year I started NomadGao, a coworking coliving place in Goa based on my first-hand experience as a coworker.

We are a small space with 15 to 20 coworking seats. Our focus has been more on human interaction, though the small scale helped us in experimenting with technologies

Lockdown gave us time to think about how our systems should be. We have automated and streamlined our systems more. I feel that people should focus more on building the community, making sure that everybody here is happy, and connecting to drive synergies or collaborations, than technology.

Coworking has the potential to be a great equaliser. We have been working on skill share programs, but the government needs to focus on building the ecosystem of spaces and internet facilities in tier two, tier three rural cities. I feel that the worst has already happened, and now we are on a growth trajectory.

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This Community Journalism project and publication is part of the NGI Forward initiative. Launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016, NGI stands for Next Generation Internet. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825652 from 2019-2021. You can learn more about the initiative and our involvement in it at

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The contents of Edgeryders “Internet of Humans” NGI Forum and the Community Journalism project are analysed using the SSNA method. The results are then sent to EU lawmakers to be incorporated into policy recommendations. It will also inform a conference at the end of the project and selected articles and contributions will be published in book form as the “Next Generation Internet - Edgeryders Digest”. The authors of the selected articles who agree to them being published in that book will also be invited personally to the final conference.

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