Mayur Sontakke - Founder at NomadGao Remote Coliving & Startup advisor

Hi everyone,

My name is Mayur and I’m a financial analyst by trade. Last year I started NomadGao, a coworking coliving place in Goa based on my first-hand experience as a coworker.

We are a small space with 15 to 20 coworking seats. Our focus has been more on human interaction, though the small scale helped us in experimenting with technologies

Lockdown gave us time to think about how our systems should be. We have automated and streamlined our systems more. I feel that people should focus more on building the community, making sure that everybody here is happy, and connecting to drive synergies or collaborations, than technology.

Coworking has the potential to be a great equaliser. We have been working on skill share programs, but the government needs to focus on building the ecosystem of spaces and internet facilities in tier two, tier three rural cities. I feel that the worst has already happened, and now we are on a growth trajectory.

Meet Mayur at our event on 21/7. Registration is free of charge. To get your ticket, just post a thoughtful comment here to help drive the thinking and learning forward and we will send you the access code. Did you sign up via eventbrite? We ask that you too contribute to the conversation here ahead of the event to ensure everyone is on the same page, better networking etc. More info.

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Hi @mayursontakke, nice to e-meet you!
I’m curious: when I first read this I thought about the different kinds of people who join as members. That’s how my mind translated it, in light of the fact that most co-working spaces I’ve tried were filled with pretty much the same profile - freelancing creatives and trainers, and tech startups, to sum it up. So basically one socio-economic profile. I wonder if that’s different from your experience…? or perhaps you meant a different kind of equalizing?

Thanks, and looking forward to meet you in the session later in July, I’ll be there,

Waving from Brussels,


In the long-form interview there is more information on how the composition of the community has changed now and how more people from India are now using the space instead of travellers.
Very interesting.
You can find the details here:

@mayursontakke, how has your community developed in the last few weeks?


Hi Noemi,

By ‘great equalizer’ I meant that remote work provides an equal opportunity to people from around the world.

I myself have benefitted from that. Coming from a small town in India, I never imagined working with an American startup, being a digital nomad, and starting a place for a global audience. Remote work made it all possible.

We have seen more Indians turning to the digital nomad lifestyle lately. Before the pandemic, 80% of our members were foreigners. Now 80% are Indians. The change is happening and covid has accelerated it.


We have seen more Indians joining our community, which is great.
Before the pandemic, 80% of our members were foreigners. Now 80% are Indians. This change has happened in less than 4 months.