Reality Check

Let’s explore the role of learning environments - school, university, but also other social and cultural settings, like the family or even self-teaching. It can also include experiences of studying abroad.

  • Without thinking about it much brainstorm a list of skills that you can name. Which skills do you especially need to have to be able to manage your life and work? How, where, and with the help of whom are you learning them? Are you happy with what you have learned so far? Has it helped you to get on with your life?

Good for you: Reflecting on this can bring to the surface new questions that you need to ask in order to better connect your learning journey with your personal aspirations. For example, knowing that specific work requires specific competencies will push you towards redesigning your learning experience.

Good for everyone: Your contribution can help others improve their transition from education to work: if they know what skills are needed and valued in the working spaces, they will know where to look for and how to grow those skills.

Count me in! How do I participate?

It’s easy! submit your contribution by adding a post below. If you´re not already signed in to the Edgeryders platform you can do it here.

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