Really good start! How is it with welcomes?

The first day of launch of the lote minisite went well: 285 visits with 1,267 page views. Congratulations to the social media team!

Also, the number of people registered for LOTE went up: 66 now. [Noemi], are they being welcomed? Do you need help with that?

Let’s keep working!

great :slight_smile:

that’s great , thanks for the feedback from the statistics :slight_smile: it’s always good to know :slight_smile:

I know!

Hi, I was also checking the stats and clicks on our links, and it looks good (75 direct clicks on Lote3 minisite). Thanks so much to Justyna, Davide, Silvia, Ilaria and everyone who has been sharing! and of course Dorotea :slight_smile:

Yes, new Edgeryders are being welcomed and asked how they would like to contribute, pointed to the teams building Lote and invited to Friday calls. I’m looking to make a view by which admins see who’s been in touch through the contact forms, like we did last year. It’s easier to keep track and have others help with welcoming, right now all conversations are in my email.

PS guys remember anyone who sees something interesting happen can add it to the social media calendar!