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Edgeryders Social Media Calendar - generating buzz, excitement and engagement ahead of Lote

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This is a place where we suggest to share edgeryders content and posts daily, and we give you examples of posts to share

you can share on any channels you prefer (facebook, twitter, linkedin, … ) Regarding tags: How about adding some of the common tags such as: socinn #socinnov #cocreate, this kind of stuff to reach those who don’t search using lote3 or edgeryders?community, makerspace, learning even urbanism tagged tweets also fit the unMonastery& LOTE3 matter.

Versione Italiana: Calendario per Social Media Edgeryders - come generare entusiasmo ed interesse

Qui vi proporremo quotidianamente contenuti e post riguardanti gli Edgeryders, e vi forniremo esempi di materiale da condividere sulle piattaforme che preferite (facebook, twitter, linkedin, … ) Per quanto riguarda i tag: Che ne pensate di aggiungere alcuni tag comuni come: socinn #socinnov #cocreate, e roba del genere per raggiungere quelli che non fanno ricerche utilizzando l’hashtag lote3edgeryders?

planned and posted posts and posts proposals :

Thursday, 3 Oct

lote3 session: co-design a new approach to our community effort of creating an online EdgeRyders presence. [DESIGN]ating Purpose - LOTE3 “The unPilgrimage” - Edgeryders

While at Lote3 don’t miss out on a session about better communicating Edgeryders purpose through design! With Ronen, Alex, K, Nadia and more… [DESIGN]ating Purpose - LOTE3 “The unPilgrimage” - Edgeryders

Wednesday, 2 Oct

lote3 session: How to help each other make a living in a networked society? How to help each other make a living in a networked society #maledge - Making a Living - Edgeryders edgeryders #maledge

How can Edgeryders the organisation get better at generating revenue for community members work? How to help each other make a living in a networked society #maledge - Making a Living - Edgeryders p2p #makingaliving lote3

Tuesday, 1 Oct

Matera’s deep magic: a touching video as we’re waiting for the unPilgrimage. must see! goo.gl/SMHGwF lote3 mt2019

Dreaming of Matera ahead of lote3Bravo @foschino @Matera2019 for inspiring initiative to turn off public lightning! goo.gl/SMHGwF #materacielostellato 

Monday, 30 Sep

At Edgeryders we are experimenting with new ways of getting things done and collaborating on a massive scale. Business as usual is last century, can we do better together? Nadia's reflections from South Africa so far:

Thursday 26 Sep - travel arrangements wiki


Edgeryders are self organizing to reach Matera at Living on the Edge: planning rideshares and giving each other tips on low cost travels…! if you’re coming to Lote3 and need help or advice ask here, and put down your travel dates in the wiki, chances are you’ll find someone to join you

Tweets from twitterstorm:

@unmonastery is about how to design a co-working project for 200yrs. While financial investment looks only at 30yrs. More right now at #unMon on Twitter press conference 


Mon 23 Sep Twitterstorm
As you may have heard by now, on Monday at 11 am there's a big big twitterstorm coming up :-) We have no idea how a press conference on Twitter is going to pan out, of course. But it sounds like fun, so we'll try it anyway. Can you make it? If yes,

Monday 23rd September at 10:55 am CET tune in on Twitter and search for #unmon hashtag. while you are at it, follow @unmonastery and @edgeryders. Retweet what you find interesting and dont be afraid to add your own personal note to the tweet. We come from more than 30 countries, so what if we translated tweets into our own languages?? 

All the instructions are here, see you in the storm :-)



photo activity

when we have more Q&A 


Wednesday, Sep 11th

lote3 unConference: Know your Edge at daily Yoga sessions goo.gl/cBtWlp via @iamronen

Yoga at Lote3 to overcome the Burning Edge internally goo.gl/cBtWlp

Tueseday Sep 10th

If you know a thing or two about social networks and social capital as Nadia is learning from Bert-Ola Bergstrand, being generous with what you have and helping drive one another to discover and develop new knowledge and skills is key to being able to help one another make a living while doing meaningful work.

Here is her contribution…Who’s next?

Monday, Sep 9th

updates on the organisational structure of the unMonastery

https://edgeryders.eu/comment/6119 + goo.gl link

  • call reminder

#unMonastery - an organisational update http://goo.gl/E4Ut31

Couple of updates on the organisational structure of the unMonastery - a new detailed organisational chart

unMonastery community calls Mondays at 11:00 CET

Wednesday, Sep 4th

The Rule of St. Benedict as a very successful protocol for societal change – goo.gl/PpGgvQ

To Post 

Building lote3 new team: meet the hosts! Bearers of the Tradition - LOTE3 “The unPilgrimage” - Edgeryders

Who to look for when arriving at lote3 at unMonastery: Bembo, Dorotea & Co. Bearers of the Tradition - LOTE3 “The unPilgrimage” - Edgeryders

unMonastery hosts will guide the pilgrims to fresh understanding of the unMonastic life possibilities: Bearers of the Tradition - LOTE3 “The unPilgrimage” - Edgeryders 

Wednesday, Aug 28th 

Dedicated Community Call: Join team unMonastery for Lote3

Building #Lote3: the unMonastery team is gearing up, you too can join! #unMon http://goo.gl/rd2Mgl

Tuesday Aug 27th : goo.gl/gq6wHS

unMonastery roles: call for participation! what kind of facilitator are you?

Join the unMonastery core team: take up a predefined role (fundraiser, designer, communicator) or create your own.

Monday Aug 26th : http://goo.gl/6AKGMI


Edgeryders unMonastery launches February 2014 in Matera. Dedicating a whole track at #lote3 to build it, together!

Like the unMonastery project? lote3 #unMon #track is led by Ben Vickers, get in touch and join a session.

facebook: The goal of this track is to design an institution to last 200 years. Sessions that would fit well in here: designing the interiors of the unMonastery; designing the clothing for the unMonasterians; working out protocols of engagement with the local community in Matera and elsewhere.

Wednesday Aug 21st

Let's welcome Rita a new edgeryder 

who is doing amazing graphics for lote3I feel very lucky to come on board!” http://goo.gl/90orxB


Please welcome Rita here http://goo.gl/90orxB

and if you are on facebook
you can like and tag

this pic https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=675851425777878&set=a.306426742720350.92924.290379807658377&type=1


Tueseday, Aug 20th

Ben Vickers is asking for our help to improve organising the unMonastery: “My motivation for writing this post is to put everything out there in the hope that collaboratively we might begin to think up some smart design solutions for the future development of the project”



A peek into the unMonastery internal organisation: principles of administration

Help @Benvickers_ & the unMonastery design solutions for internal organisation

Monday, Aug 19th

The @unmonastery is a new kind of social space: co-working and co-learning between social innovators and local communities. Its first prototype in matera is now accepting applications! goo.gl/e2Tcmu

The world’s first unMonastery residency program is now open for international applicants! Become an unMonasterian starting February 2014: goo.gl/e2Tcmu

Saturday, Aug 17th

Rita wants to do Guerilla Knitting in Matera at lote3! Who’s in? http://goo.gl/KqrGG2 commons #civic socinn edgeryders

Ever thought of knitting for social change? Edgeryders are doing it at lote3. Guerrilla style: http://goo.gl/KqrGG2 

Friday, Aug 16th

“A youth-led distributed think tank”: Nadia El-Imam telling the Edgeryders story at #CelebratingtheFuture: goo.gl/uqFLvK

Thursday, Aug 15th

For the next Living on the Edge event by Edgeryders please follow #LOTE3 hashtag.

Building lote3 recap is out, catch up with and join the lovely Edgeryders to #unMonastery matera this fall: http://goo.gl/wFrZC3

edgeryders are on instagram and showing support for lote3 and #Matera2019. Join us! http://goo.gl/NfRe68

Wednesday, Aug 14th

lote3 program is crowdsourced, get yourself a slot and be part of the show! goo.gl/PZa5yH

Which track are you joining at lote3? Upskilling for impact, Building the unMonastery or the wild unConference? goo.gl/PZa5yH 

Tuesday Aug 13th

Check out the proposal for a Crowdfunding session at lotehttp://goo.gl/tcRRdW

We need crowdfunding to make meaningful projects happen. Help @j32804 build a session at #Edgeryders #Lote event: http://goo.gl/tcRRdW

“I did a huge amount of research before my first crowdfunding campaign and still was very unprepared for the actual experience” Who else is up for a session on crowdfunding at ‪#‎Lote‬http://goo.gl/tcRRdW

(this post was scheduled for Aug 1st , before the social media email campaign, if you have shared already, you can re-share or re-tweet or “like” this post and/or any other )

Monday Aug 12th

a new post on Edgeryders: “Bring on the resilience crowd”

‘I learned to use the word “resilience” in Edgeryders’

‘I think it’s fair to say that the most cutting edge people in the European resilience crowd are either in the community or one phone call away from someone that is’

‘Well, it turns out that the Rockefeller Foundation is launching an initiative called Resilient Cities.’

Link: http://goo.gl/akbKq5

track info how we are doing: http://goo.gl/akbKq5.info

Sunday Aug 11th

More great people and more great projects are joining the Edgeryders community, and are planning to join us at ‪#‎Lote3‬

Meet the Bergamo-Hub: " The power to innovate through collaboration "

“Because, The more people we inspire, the more people will inspire us.”

"…There are things worth all of us, big and small, making an effort for. One of them is loving and investing your own city each day. With our desires and vision of the future, we are the city. Technology, nature, hospitality, knowledge, sustainability, tourism and tradition: in a nutshell, Co-Working & Co-learning Environment Designs. "


info : http://goo.gl/OhUdsI.info

Saturday Aug 10th

weekend and summer - what are people thnking about - party - especially a pasta party :slight_smile:

suggestion for today:

It seems like there is going to be a pasta party at lote3

who wants to join ? :slight_smile:


info: http://goo.gl/AL3Ox1.info

Friday, Aug 9th

Lead a team or join a team at lote! We’re building a community-organized event. Everything that happens is made by us and for us, change makers everywhere. So, if you want it to be great, get involved! Here’s who is already working on it, and what we are working on, and take your pick! See more at: http://goo.gl/0J93wc

Interested in profiling yourself as social media professional? Join Dorotea’s social media team building lote! http://goo.gl/0J93wc

Wanna help so that all lote participants get to travel cheap or rideshare? Join Pavlik’s team http://goo.gl/0J93wc

Wanna build your own session at lote? Get in touch with track coordinators and secure a slot! http://goo.gl/0J93wc

info: http://goo.gl/0J93wc.info

Thursday, Aug 8th

lote and #Loters buzz  

Meet Benjamin @btincq at lote! He’s up for “discovering the unMonastery & understanding how to replicate the model” http://goo.gl/c2LS9v

Meet @MarcChataigner at #LOTE: “I’m looking to create local productive cities. #unMonastery sounds to me like the idea I would like to build” http://goo.gl/c2LS9v

Jessy @jessyjetpacks is coming to lote “to catch up with and reinvigorate exciting new friendships and connections i made from Lote in Strasbourg

This Edgeryder is coming to #LOTE: “Join us, come to Matera and we will show you what we are good at!” - Elena http://goo.gl/c2LS9v

Looking forward to meet Matthias @matjahu at #LOTE: “I’d like to help create a multimedia documentation on how we made (and can make) projects like unMonastery and LOTEs happen” http://goo.gl/c2LS9v

Visual illustration that you can also use (also see below): http://goo.gl/0DCLJC

Join the lovely Edgeryders at lote. Here’s what’s buzzing

Like what Edgeryders have to say about lote? You too can join, it’s free and open to everyone

info: http://goo.gl/0DCLJC.info


Wednesday, Aug 7th 

New post in Edgeryders blog! Join the unPilgrims: skilling up to better help each other http://goo.gl/r9NHKe lote #unMonastery matera

the unMonastery is living proof that Edgeryders are willing and able to do the job that we came together for. Join the unPilgrims at lotehttp://goo.gl/r9NHKe 

info: http://goo.gl/r9NHKe.info

Tuesday, August 6th

New Edgeryders video! Italy is invited to Live on the Edge in Matera Oct 29 - Nov 3! http://goo.gl/MI8mf7 lote mt2019

Tra 29 Oct - 3 Nov Edgeryders da tutti gli angoli della terra si raduneranno al primo unMonastery. “Siamo sognatori pragmatici, ottimisti, cinici” Benvenuto al bordo! http://goo.gl/MI8mf7

lote video: join Edgeryders at the world’s first unMonastery, Oct 29 - Nov 3 http://goo.gl/JvoSkT (Eng version)

Monday, August 5th

Living on the Edge - the unPilgrimage. Everything you need to know about it and how you can participate! http://goo.gl/p1WVhE lote mt2019 #unMon

A quick lote tour for newbies. Registration and program slots still open! http://goo.gl/p1WVhE #nospectators edgeryders conference

Edgeryders go to Oslo #celebratingthefuture: How to empower young people in a world of social injustice & unemployment? http://goo.gl/OhD6vv

Friday, August 2nd

Edgeryders @unMonastery in Matera has launched its international call, apply now! http://goo.gl/YgUFMX mt2019

“Building an institution for the next 200 years” The @unmonastery now accepting residencies applications http://goo.gl/YgUFMX mt2019

You can become an unMonk unMonasterian at the world’s first @unmonastery in Matera. Call for residencies open! edgeryders mt2019 http://goo.gl/YgUFMX


Thursday, Aug 1st

Check out latest proposal for a Crowdfunding session at Lote! http://goo.gl/tcRRdW

We need crowdfunding to make meaningful projects happen. Help @j32804 build a session at #Edgeryders #Lote event: http://goo.gl/tcRRdW

“I did a huge amount of research before my first crowdfunding campaign and still was very unprepared for the actual experience” Who else is up for a session on crowdfunding at ‪#‎Lote‬http://goo.gl/tcRRdW

Friday July 26 

New edgeryders video : goo.gl/pm9vGK

Use this calendar as basis for daily email?

Hi [Dorotea] and [khushboo.b9], do you guys want to use this calendar as basis for a daily email one of us will be sending to our entire team? We can update this wiki together with creative messages, and take turns in sending email.  I can start doing it the next week… and then one of you can follow etc?

good idea :slight_smile:

Ok, is this going to be linked to a daily reminder?

Dorotea, thanks for posting this. I wonder is there someway of getting reminders of this, an email a day type thing? Also how often do we need to link to something before we know the word has really gotten around?

“how to” reminders

we have to think of how to post / send / instant update - daily reminders.

one nice way is to send dayly emails, more personal (than an automatic update)

so maybe we should:

  1. send daily emails

for dayly emails we could also use the mailchimp account to “schedule” the emails in advence. ( just short emails, not a newsletter)

but we can start with sending regular emails first

( I can set up a sub-list of mailchimp list , just for social media )

  1. make a post ( which will go to email also if someone is subscribed ) one per two days maybe.

  2. track the outcome with some good tools ( goo.gl links maybe ) + google analytics stats if we have access to it, to check if our strategy is working well and how we can improve it in the process

Email + platform notification from posts may be too much.

I say use this wiki only for our coordination amongts team leaders. When we update the wiki people don’t receive notifications, which is good. So what we would do is simply copy paste the daily content from here into an email.  that’s my suggestion at least. 

We can also put down daily analytics as they come in into this wiki, so we can decide afterwards which posts need to be re-pushed in subsequent days :-)

As for the rest of this Social Media Group, we can use it for longer insights, resources, coversations around progress and strategy.

Wrong link for Wednesday

Your links for Wednesday seem wrong! The text refers to a blog post, but instead the link leads to the /lote3 home page. Are you sure?

Fixed, thanks for the heads up!


Added some more links

I didn’t want to forget about them, so went in and added some proposals for this week, [Dorotea] it’s your call of course. To Wednesday’s link you can add another one, with maybe a different session someone is organising? thanks, and we’re in touch!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for updating :slight_smile: that’s helpful, update any time :slight_smile:

for tomorrow we can remind and announce the “new” #lote3 hashtag for those who did not catch up with it yet, i just updated the calendar.

It was on twitter already, but people can retweet this tweet to let everyone know about the new hashtag.

I also wanted to invite people to the travel arrangements group, so that they can start to arrange their trips together, and know who is planning to come from where.

What happened to the social media calendar?

I see it stopped after last Wednesday… did you guys migrate elsewhere? Where, so I can help too?

re-considering the concept of featured content

recently I was reflecting about the concept of social media calendar,

and as I am getting more familiar with activity on the platform,

I can notice that it’s quite active, and new things come up every day.

so I thought instead of a concept of calendar

we could actually use this space for featured content to share 

and people could pass by here and find something to share any time,

but still social media team would be encouraged to share some organic news with especially chosen content from edgeryders.

(via email)

This way maybe it could serve as a future reference for people who want to share something from edgeryders but don’t know what to share.

It could be also used for “greatest hits” - selection of good posts on the platform.

maybe everyone who has a suggestion of a good featured content with a message, could put it here, it could be some kind of PR for edgeryders and also could be used for the “twitter press conference” and other communication in the future.

in short: instead of putting the content to share for a specific day, we could share here our proposals of the “greatest hits” and only in specific moments when its relevant we could put some content for a specific day.

(content for a specific day would be sent by email)

this way this wiki could be re-used in future :slight_smile:

what does everyone think about it ?

We have that!

Drupal does have the featured content functionality. I have been using it to generate the “old” (New Yorker) home page that some of us are seeing. What you suggest is a sweet way to link that functionality to the social media team’s work.

Admins can, naturally, edit any post and make it featured (open the “publishing options” link and check the “Featured” box). I make sure all featured content comes with its own image, because the home page view needs a picture. If a picture is not there, I upload one myself as I feature it. If needed, we could create a new user role (“editor”, or something) that gives users the power to edit any node but not the other admin powers. This role could then be given to other people to help in this. 

At this point, we could generate your list. In fact, there is already one such: /featured. Featured nodes are shown in random order, but it would be a 2 minute matter to expose them in chronological order.

calendar - good to keep track

but on the other hand, the calendar is good to keep track on things , so with posts that are day - related  somehow, it’s good to keep the calendar updated , so let’s keep it .

also as a historical record so that we know what we’ve been posting around the social media .

unMonastery promotion

Welcome to the project (group) [Ben] (pinging you so you can find it)

Here is a social media calendar, we have been just talking about.

So I guess I will help with the promotion of the unMonastery as well :slight_smile:

(I have been doing it anyway since quite a while as you can see in some posts on the social media channels)

Instructions: If you want to feature some content

for a specific day: write for example : To Feature for Sep 10th link

(I’ll make a goo.gl link later - I have to make sure it does not create loops)

if you want to feature some content without date preferences ( with some time frame maybe ) you can just post: To Feature link

you can update a wiki or write in a post - a post is better because people get pings, if you just update wiki - no pings.

I will add you to the daily emails as well, so you’ll receive the emails from me.

Entered lote3 in Chefuturo’s Agenda del futuro


Not visible yet, but it will come.

tweets from the storm ?

Maybe we should use the tweets from the storm - so that people can still re-post them even after the storm ?

Can we post a link to the doc with tweets here ?

We can also collect tweets which ware not in the doc, so it would be a nice and interesting collection of tweets :slight_smile:

just a suggestion, but in this way we could share more (tweets) and waste less (tweets) a very eco-solution  :-)

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Fleshing out the Guardian article together

Hi Dorotea and everyone. We could use help in fleshing out this article in the Guardian. I’d rather the community was not too strongly associated with only me so it’s important it’s from us all.