Recruitment and next steps

Hello @reeflings,

A short post with some quick points on the next steps until October.


  • 21 April: public presentation in Forest
  • 8 May: Salon de l’Habitat Groupé
  • 21-22 May: Samenhuizen Open Days
  • 2 June: second public presentation (identical to the first one; attendance is needed to be able to join the workshop on 12 June)
  • 12 June: workshop to get to know each other
  • 20 June: first plenary meeting to divide the work
  • 30 June (tbc): workshop on circle-based decision-making
  • 15 October: deadline to express interest to become an Associate Member

Documents on Nextcloud (“Recruiting new Reeflings” folder) for your possible comments (not urgent):

  • Form to express interest and register for the 12 June workshop
  • To do list

Communication materials


  • Can you please provide an update on the flyers and posters for the events on 8 and 21 May?
  • Could you also please let us know how much the previous set of flyers cost? (just for the sake of record keeping)
  • Do you think we should already create a Facebook event also for the public presentation on 2 June?

I can take care of that. for the flyers, can we reuse the old ones until we finish them.?

for the posters: do you have some requirements of I have complete freedom to create?

I have not yet the invoice from the graphic designer and the printer. i have not idea. it will come. and i know it will be cheap.

I think so. I will create the facebook event on the same line as the one in april

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Thanks a lot @manuelpueyo!

I’m going to try to answer your points one by one.


  • I think these are useful to recruit new Reeflings, for a long time to come.
  • The problem with the current flyers is twofold:
  1. They only refer to the public meeting of 21 April
  2. The word “cohousing” is very difficult to read due to the small font.
  • Therefore my proposal would be to print new flyers, taking into account the suggestion in this post one way or another (i.e. make the word “cohousing” super big, remove the reference to a specific event and add the URL in letters)
  • For the invoice of the previous batch: can you please save it in the “Invoice” folder of Team Finance, and check with Alberto who can pay the bill?


  • Of course you have Team’s autonomy as agreed :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Nevertheless I think it would be good to ask around for ideas, and certainly to ask for a quick check (second pair of eyes) before you send it for printing.

@manuelpueyo, today I was thinking that the public presentation on 21 April may be a good opportunity to give some stacks of flyers to participants who would be willing to distribute them in their area, given that we have quite some friends who are coming.

I don’t want to rush you by any means, but do you think it would be possible to get a revised version printed by Thursday? I can easily pick them up and bring them to the meeting. If not possible, no problem of course.

ok! i am fine with that. i will work on it with Colin,

ok! i have added the invoice here. @alberto could you please pay this. not urgent but necessary to do at some point . thank you

seems too tight. i dont think it’s possible.

good idea in principle. but it seems too early for me to ask favours. we need to build the trust first

We all have a couple of dear friends who are coming over, so I don’t think that’s a problem. But I can understand that it’s a bit tight. An alternative would be that people come and pick them up at my place, I can just put a package on the mailboxes.

In other news: today I posted an ad for the public presentation on Samenhuizen and on Habitat & Participation. I went for an ad in Dutch and in French for a change. Let’s see how that goes.

ok! yeah, it makes sense to ask then, i will start the process as of tuesday , I think they should be ready sometime on the last week of april

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