Register for Edgeryders Festival

Dear community,

the Edgeryder Festival is happening between the 19th and 29th of November in multiple locations in Europe and online.

Tickets are not purchased with money, but with participation.

To register for the event and be part of building it together, tell us:

1. Where you are based

2. Your topics of interest

  • Technology for Good
  • Climate & Environment (& Technology)
  • Spiritual, Moral & Psychological Wellbeing
  • Work & Prosperity
  • Health & Social Care
  • Democracy, Justice & Rule of Law
  • Other

3. What can you contribute:

  • Contribute a talk
  • Contribute a workshop
  • Help organise an event in my city
  • Finding locations
  • Curating Program
  • Setting up at the location
  • Design communication
  • Invite an interested audience
  • Provide tech support
  • Other

You can send in the information required in two ways:
—> Leave a Reply below and/or
—> Fill out this sheet for general information:
—>And this one for the needs of your event:

What happens after you register? We will follow up by inviting you to regular community calls for building the event and making sure you are the first to learn about the resources and opportunities that others are creating all over Europe on these topics!

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I registered using the spreadsheet!

Way to go… looking forward to do something in Brussels : on Climate and Spirituality :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ping at some people from the call or who showed some interest, please add everyone you think might be interested to this list: @pbihr, @zelf, @BlackForestBoi, @JollyOrc, @alberto, @soenke, @thornet, @mrchrisadams

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I want to adress two organisational points here:

  1. Deadline:
    The current deadline is a soft one, and if you can submit some idea in progress in the next days or week that is totally fine, just register as soon as possible :slight_smile:

  1. Tickets can only be bought through participation:
    I would propose here that everyone contributing can also or is even encouraged to invite/bring people they know would be interested in the events. What do you guys think?
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I had an idea I would like to propose:

"Speculative Design Workshop: "Future of Retirement"

(image from Maria Euler, during HHCD Inclsive desing for elderly workshop)

Location: Stockholm, “House Blivande”

Starting point


A Speculative design workshop building upon the Edgeryders speculative design Brief “Welcome to Retirement”. This would be a whole day workshop including a kickoff talk, creative prototyping and speculative design project presentations following the established model of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design.


Recruit 1 expert on retirement planning for a talk.

Send invitations to groups of students, creatives/unsecured employes and retired citizens.

Programm will include:

  • 1 talk on retirement planning/possibilities/challenges
  • 1 introduction presentation in the methods of speculative design and rapid prototyping
  • 1 inspiration presentation for the speculative brief of DIY retirement solutions
  • Material for quick prototyping
  • Material for proper documentation and presentation

1-2 Speculative design experts helping with conceptual ideation, prototyping and documentation
If possible would be great if retirement expert could stay for counselling

Participants will be teamed up in Generational mixed groups with retired members and the retailers of the future working together.

This workshop would provide the young participants both with valuable information for planning their retirement as well as learning about the methods of speculative design and rapid prototyping. It would also encourage intergenerational dialogue and understanding between the retired and young participants and foster the development of new and unconventional ideas through the freedom of the speculative approach.
The nature of the prototyping focus will also lead to outcomes that we can present and share easily.

What do you guys think? Might there maybe be some budget for material and the expert I would like to invite? (travel costs)
Maybe we could add another topical motivation like: the best outcome will be presented to lawmakers in the field?

And does anyone already know an expert in retirement planning in Stockholm or where I could contact one? (otherwise, I will reach out to Arbetförmedlingen and the economics department of the local Universities)

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I have registered and will need help organizing a workshop on the topic: “Teaching teachers open source”.

It will be in Stockholm and I need all help I can get.

  1. A nice venue.
  2. Invite experts.
  3. Invite teachers and scholars.
  4. Invite enthusiasts.
  5. Invite policymakers with connection to academia.
  6. People that want to bring forward and teach open source ethics and values in computer science in schools.
  7. Coffee, snacks swags =)
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@erik_lonroth, great! I am in Stockholm and happy to help. House Blivande in Frihamnen would be a good option for a location :)! We could meet up there next week or so if you want to talk things through :slight_smile:

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Sounds great!

Which dates are best do you think?

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@erik_lonroth I wrote you a direct message to plan our meeting in Stockholm :slight_smile:

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To all: The next community call discussing the festival will be on Tuesday the 3rd of September:

join the call here at 18:00 Brussels time:

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The needs for you events can be registered here:

We are moving towards the next step now :)!

We have figured out the over all budget (12 000 EUR + 2500 EUR for travel) and now we have to plan and see how to distribute it and what we need to do to help each other realise the workshops, hackathons and talks.

At this point do we need some more information from your side:

At the very least we need to know:

  1. Names of main organisers
  2. Date
  3. Title of the event
  4. Short description (1-3 sentences)
  5. How long is the event
  6. How many people?
  7. Where is the event?
  8. What else do you need?

You can quickly answer that in this sheet as soon as possible (this week!):


We developed this one specifically for the festival, taking into account the questions and needs that came up during the previous calls and discussions.

We need this to be filled out by everyone contributing an event by the 20th of September!

It is also a great help to develop your proposal post and/or prepare for the community call on the 17th of September 18:00 Brussels time:

During that call everyone who wants will be given up to 5 minutes to present their idea and get feedback and support from others. This is a great opportunity to develop your idea further before the initial proposal deadline on the 20th. After that date we will start to distribute budget and helpers, and the sooner you are in this process, the better!

Looking forward to your answers and to see you in the call!