Community Call 3rd of September - Planning the Edgeryders NGI Festival Together

Dear Community members involved and interested in the Edgeryders Festival,

We are meeting up on Tuesday the 3rd of September 18:00 Brussels time to update each other and discuss our ideas for the Edgeryders festival with a focus on NGI related projects and how to help each other to realise them.

Join the call here:

You can join this call no matter if you have been involved in any previous discussions or not it is a great place for first or second steps in developing your Edgeryders festival participation or project.

The deadline for proposals has been moved to the 20th of September but the sooner you start to post ideas here Register for Edgeryders Festival or just sign up your information in this sheet, the better we can plan and help each other to realise amazing events!

Looking forward to talking to you!


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Ill be there

Thanks @MariaEuler Feel free to spread the word in the events section of NGI Community

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@davidseoane, this link sends me to a side asking for a login, could you explain it a bit more? What is it for, who can use it?

Thank you very much

@MariaEuler the link leads to NGI Community which is different to edgeryders platform as explained here:
NGI requests for login, but it is open to everyone, although focuses on providing funding opportunities and connections to innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals

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Thank you very much!

We have pinned down the overall budget for the festival now and will be able to start discussing how to allocate it in this call, so come and join in the discussion!

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