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Cool, educational, fun, relaxed!’ were a few of the slogans used by visitors, exhibitors and rally bivouac participants in the days after the ancient 4WD Festivals. The 2022 edition, from september 24. to september 25. is the 11th since the start of the 4WD Festival in 2012. The 4WD Festival is not just for owners of a 4WD vehicle, said Sander van Zijl, publisher of 4WD Magazine and organizer of the 4WD Festival, in an interview and “Anyone who is interested in 4×4 cars and the entire lifestyle that surrounds them can get acquainted with this special world”.

On the startday, saturday, the weather was really not good for this open-air-event, where 4×4 car brands, suppliers of accessories and equipment will present themselves. On this festival can also all facets of 4×4 motorsport be shown and visitors can buy all things they need for an adventurous pff-road vacation trip.

On this rainy, cold day not many visitors came to see this event. So I got only 5 interviews. The festival is based in Netherland, near the little city Oss, at the Circuit Park Berghem, a go-cart race track.

The great hope of the exhibitors and the organizers was geared towards the next day, in anticipation of better weather. Especially because there will be demos with trial, challenge, speed and Dakar 4×4s and interested parties can ride along or drive (free) off-road.

the next day actually brought better weather, the sun was shining, it was only a little cloudy and it wasn’t cold anymore.

Accordingly, many more visitors came on sunday than on the first day.

A total of 26 interview partners were recorded in these two days. But 5 persons broken up the interview after first or second question explaining that their english is not good enough to make the talk. And with 2 interviews I had technical problems so it was not possible to upload them. At the end we have 19 completed talks.


Many knew what the term circular economy means. But some were not very committed to sustainability and environmental protection, many were critical of e-mobility, believing that it was coming too quickly and under political pressure and that nobody knows what would happen to all the e-car-batteries in 10 or 20 years, how all of them can be recycled.

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Edgeryders Conducts Semantic Social Network Analysis (SSNA) research at 4WD Festival in Oss, The Netherlands
Research finds 4WD enthusiasts generally environmentally aware but skeptical of e-cars

The 4WD Festival, now in its 12th edition, promised an action-packed experience for enthusiasts of all ages. Established in 2012, this annual extravaganza is not only a haven for seasoned 4x4 vehicle owners but also a vibrant introduction to the broader 4WD lifestyle.

It showcased an array of 4x4 car brands, equipment suppliers, and accessories, along with a captivating display of motorsport thrills. Visitors tested mettle on challenging terrains, learned the ropes of off-road travel, and admired the latest 4x4 models.

The festival brought together a diverse range of exhibitors, from importers to clothing vendors, rally teams to 4x4 clubs, and even off-road travel agencies. Sponsors’ stands hosted numerous activities throughout the day.

One of the highlights of the festival was the demonstrations, featuring trials, challenges, high-speed runs, and Dakar 4x4s. Its 4x4 show featured the latest models and unique 4WD vehicles. The rally bivouac was a focal point of the event, featuring prominent teams like Tim Coronel’s Dakar team alongside other renowned rally teams.

Edgeryders conducted a total of 26 interviews with visitors and participants throughout the two-day festival. While many were aware of the term circular economy, not everyone shared a commitment to sustainability or environmental protection.

Edgeryders also found several interviews critical of e-mobility, believing it was “coming too quickly” and under political pressure - they wondered what would happen to the e-car-batteries in 10 or 20 years and how they could be recycled.