REPORT Audi Meeting Krefeld, 26.05.2022

Audi Meeting Krefeld

26 May 2022

The first Audi Meeting in Krefeld after Covid-19 stop was this year on Thursday, 26.05.22, which is in Germany also a religious holiday of the Ascension of Christ in Germany and the Father’s day.

Audi meeting was announced from 10.00 to 17.00, so I arrived at 09.30. The big place was open and ready for Audi enthusiasts but still nobody there. The weather was cloudy, windy and cold. I was a little bit worried that the Audi drivers would stay at home.

After 10.00, the first Audi cars arrived. Over the day there were about 40, 45 Audi cars from 1970s vintage cars to new cars, some tuning cars too. I would say there were around 100 people, drivers and visitors.

Though there were not so many people, I interviewed 16 partiicpants (but in the D-A-M-A-file, 2 people left the interview during recording). Actually, there are 14 completed interview talks.

The meeting is based at Mo´s Bikertreff in Krefeld, a pub with a 19.000 square meters outdoor area. Many different meetings are there over the year, mostly on weekends and regular holidays, started at beginning of April until end of September.

Many people left the event a little bit earlier. After that, I was talking with the owner of the place Michael, called Mo. He started with such meetings 10 years ago, in the beginning with motorbikers but later also with tuning car fans and enthusiasts from several brands. He talked about his car events schedule for this year.

Only a few people knew the term circular economy. One person understood the term completely differently. Many were very interested in environmental protection and said that they would do as much as possible for it. They were generally very interested in the topic and wanted to know exactly what the study is.

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Curiosity and Desire to Understand Sustainability Among Audi Enthusiasts
Audi Meeting in Krefeld underscores shared journey toward a greener and more sustainable automotive future.

Krefeld, Germany, came to life on Thursday, May 26, 2022, as Audi aficionados united for the first Audi Meeting since the pandemic-induced hiatus. The event coincided with a significant day on the German calendar, the religious holiday of the Ascension of Christ, which also doubles as Father’s Day in the country.

The venue for this automotive extravaganza was Mo’s Bikertreff, an establishment with over two decades of history in the Niederrheinhalle restaurant. Mo’s has long been a magnetic hub, starting its journey with flea and flea markets, and later venturing into cattle auctions that attracted local farmers. The Krefeld Pinguine ice hockey fans joined this community, followed by the initiation of Mo’s biker meeting in 2011. Soon, it evolved into a melting pot, drawing bikers, trikers, vintage and contemporary car enthusiasts, scooter aficionados, and devotees of American automobiles.

Mo’s Bikertreff has cemented its place as a dynamic hub for diverse gatherings, primarily on weekends and regular holidays, from early April to late September. The proprietor, Michael, known affectionately as Mo, has been a driving force behind these events for a decade. His journey began with motorbike enthusiasts but gradually expanded to embrace a wide array of automotive fans from various brands. Mo provided insights into his schedule of car events for the year, exemplifying the adaptability and the sense of community that have made Mo’s Bikertreff a celebrated venue.

The Audi Meeting, scheduled from 10:00 to 17:00, sprang to life with a backdrop of overcast skies and chilly winds, testing the resolve of Audi drivers. However, punctually at 10:00, the first Audi cars began to roll in. Throughout the day, an impressive lineup of around 40 to 45 Audi vehicles graced the venue, spanning vintage models from the 1970s to contemporary models, including some tuned variants. This automotive gathering saw the participation of approximately 100 individuals, both drivers and enthusiasts.

Despite the modest number of attendees, the event provided a rich tapestry of interviews with 16 participants, although two of them left the conversation during recording, resulting in 14 complete interviews.

Conversations at the event uncovered a limited awareness of the term “circular economy,” with some individuals interpreting it differently. Nevertheless, a deep interest in environmental protection was evident, with many expressing their commitment to contributing to environmental well-being. This curiosity and the desire to understand the subject in-depth underscored the attendees’ genuine passion for both Audi vehicles and sustainability.

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