REPORT Frankfurter Automobil Ausstellung, 22.05.2022

Frankfurter Automobil Ausstellung (FAA)

22 May 2022

In Frankfurt, the regional dealers presented 36 car brands, with more than 150 cars and 20 motorbikes at the exhibition. The dealers are consulting interested visitors about the actual car models, availability, delivery times and funding opportunities for electric and hybrid cars.

FAA is since several years based at the Klassikstadt site, a former factory facility. In the Klassikstadt, there are some vintage car workshops and dealers. There is also place where vintage car owners can rent a parking place for their vintage cars, while not driving (usually over the winter time). The vintage car exhibition in the Klassikstadt was open to all FAA visitors and provided a contrast to the new cars on the outdoor area.

On Sunday, 22.05.22 I was in Frankfurt and talked to 24 people during the time from 09.30 to 18.00. Since the interviewees were mostly men (as the majority of the visitors too), it was not simple to interview female participants. Most of them refused to talk, only 2 women did the interview together with their partners.

In the outdoor area were presentations with music and it was partially very loud, so I tried to get the interview partners in the inside area from Klassikstadt. There were a little bit less noise.

In my opinion, FAA is a good place to get interviews because the visitors are coming to see new car models and some of them are interested to buy new cars. It was the first exhibition after corona, so I think the next events will have more and more visitors.

The next FAA is on September 18, 2022 in the Klassikstadt Frankfurt.

Most people did not know what the term of circular economy means. After I explained it to them, not everyone was able to classify it correctly. Some of them confused it with the economic cycle in the car industry. Environmental protection and sustainability, on the other hand, were known to almost everyone and they had something to say about that. I had to convince people to take part and I needed to explain to them what the topic is and the reason why we are doing it.

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Environmental Protection and Sustainability Strike Chord with Attendees of 8th Frankfurt Motor Show
The future of the automotive industry promises to be marked not only by innovations in vehicles but also by a growing consciousness of the circular economy and its significance in shaping a sustainable future.

Frankfurt-Fechenheim hosted the 8th Frankfurt Motor Show, attracting car enthusiasts, families, and curious onlookers alike. A lineup of 20 local dealers showcased vehicles from an array of brands, offering a visual feast and the possibility of test drives right on the spot. The outdoor exhibition featured 36 car brands, including over 150 cars and 20 motorbikes.

The FAA, the largest car exhibition in the entire Rhine-Main area, emphasized e-mobility, with every brand proudly presenting at least one electric car. Visitors were keen to learn about the range, charging infrastructure, costs, and potential leasing programs for electric vehicles. But the intrigue extended beyond electric mobility, with many pondering the question of storage space, a pertinent concern in the era of domestic holidays.

The FAA is hosted at the Klassikstadt site, a former factory facility with vintage car workshops and dealerships. Here, vintage car owners can rent a space to store their beloved classics, particularly during winter. This juxtaposition of classic cars against their modern counterparts added depth to the exhibition.

Edgeryders conducted Semantic Social Network Analysis (SSNA) research at the 8th Frankfurt Motor Show and engaged in discussions with 24 individuals, all keen to share their perspectives.

The interviews provided an intriguing snapshot of the audience dynamics at the event, with a predominant majority of male participants. The underrepresentation of women’s voices was notable, with most declining interviews. Only two broke the pattern, joining discussions alongside their partners, shedding light on the gender dynamics.

One striking revelation from the interviews was the limited awareness of the term “circular economy” among the respondents. While some were unfamiliar with the concept, others grappled with misconceptions, often conflating it with the economic cycle within the automotive industry. Environmental protection and sustainability, however, emerged as familiar and widely discussed topics, highlighting the need for more extensive education and awareness of the principles of the circular economy.

The Frankfurt Auto Show (FAA) proved invaluable for conducting interviews, given the attendees’ genuine interest in new car models and their potential as buyers. Being the first exhibition following the pandemic-induced hiatus, it served as a promising indication of the resurgence of live events, with a growing anticipation for even larger audiences at future occasions.

The conversations held in Frankfurt unveiled a diverse range of opinions and a clear appetite for more discussions on the intersection of mobility and sustainability. The future of the automotive industry promises to be marked not only by innovations in vehicles but also by a growing consciousness of the circular economy and its significance in shaping a sustainable future.
origin: Frankfurter Automobil-Ausstellung – Der große automobile Erlebnistag in Frankfurt

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