REPORT Technorama Ulm 2022

Technorama Ulm 2022

22-23 April 2022

(with little delay, sorry)

I was from Friday to Sunday in Ulm. During this weekend, I got talks to 21 people from Technorama. The talks are from both sides, from Sellers and Buyers. Please check the videos which I uploaded to you. Maybe you have some suggestions for me to improve it.

Technorama is purely a market for the sale of used parts. There were about 60% used parts for old motorcycles, about 20% for oldtimer cars and the remaining 20% all sorts of things, like at a flea market.


I came to Ulm already on Friday on my own to get myself prepared. The exhibitors were busy for setting up their stands on Friday, so I got only 3 people for talks and signatures.

On Saturday the exhibitors tried to sell their goods and the visitors were looking around for specific parts for their old motorcycles or cars. I got contact with many people, but I got at the same time a lot of refusals for recording. Most of them told me that they don’t have time for recording. However, I got on Saturday in total 13 talks recorded and undersigned.

Sunday was the last day ended at 4:00 p.m. Exhibitors tried to sell as much as possible and visitors were in a hurry to find certain car or motorcycle parts.This made it very difficult to start a talk. So I got on this day 5 talks recorded and undersigned.

Unfortunately, 11 people would like to have a talk with me, but when they were informed that they have to give their signatures in the consent form, they refused and they didn’t want to talk anymore. Some people seem to be suspicious when they were asked to sign. One of them told me that it would be easier, if he gave his consent into the micro. I pass this question to you.

The recorded people always expected questions. That’s why it became more an interview than a talk.

From my point of view, such pure sales markets are not the ideal place for recording discussions. For example, it would be easier to visit meetings of car owners from various forums - in Germany there are a lot of forums for all car brands and almost all models. At their meetings they

have much time for communication and exchange of opinions. Such meetings are now slowly starting again after Corona.

I hope my recordings are OK for you. I didn’t expect that the upload time took me so long.

I look forward to your feedback.

Almost all of the interview partners were very interested in sustainability and environmental protection. However, only a few people knew what to do with the term circular economy. Most of them said that they drive old cars to protect the environment and those cars are used for long time instead of buying new cars every few years. In their opinion, the production process of new cars is harmful for the environment. Therefore, it was a bit difficult to interview them, since they were looking for old parts.

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Technorama Ulm 2022: Classic Car Enthusiasts Find New Car Production Processes Environmentally Harmful
Edgeryders research finds a deep-seated commitment to sustainability and environmental protection among Technorama attendees

Ulm, Germany - April 22-23, 2022 - For over four decades, the Technorama in Ulm has served as a gathering ground for classic car aficionados. Drawing visitors from all corners of Europe, this event unites those with a passion for historical classic cars, modern classics, and motorcycles. A unique bond sets them apart - the ability to restore and repair these cars themselves.

The Technorama had a vast selection of restored and unrestored classic cars, motorbikes, and tractors, representing nearly every brand and catering to diverse price ranges. Among the aisles, one could find selected and rare spare parts, restoration materials, and tools provided by dedicated and expert exhibitors.

An array of competent suppliers in various fields, from body construction to engine and chassis technology, electrical engineering, and interior design, were on hand to offer solutions for classic car owners. Numerous clubs and interest groups dedicated to preserving the automotive heritage set up information desks, providing a hub for like-minded enthusiasts.

Edgeryders documented conversations with 21 individuals, capturing the essence of the event from both the sellers’ and buyers’ perspectives. These diverse interactions offered valuable insights into the world of classic cars. It also underscored the distinct nature of pure sales markets, where participants were more inclined to discussions rooted in transactions.

The three-day journey into the world of classic cars began on a slightly quieter note. On Friday, exhibitors diligently set up their stands, with the opportunity to engage with three individuals and secure their signatures. Saturday witnessed the marketplace in full swing, with exhibitors eager to sell their wares and visitors fervently searching for specific parts to complete their vintage motorcycles or cars. Despite encountering a few refusals, 13 productive conversations were recorded and signed.

Sunday marked the event’s closure at 4:00 p.m. As the clock ticked down, exhibitors pushed for last-minute sales while visitors scoured the market with heightened urgency. Five meaningful discussions were captured amidst the frenzy.

Amid the diverse perspectives, one common thread emerged - a deep-seated commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Many interviewees expressed their dedication to protecting the environment by maintaining and driving older cars for extended periods, in contrast to frequent new vehicle purchases. In their view, the production processes of new cars are environmentally harmful, prompting them to seek out vintage parts to ensure the longevity of their beloved classic vehicles.

Technorama Ulm 2022 offered a unique window into the world of classic cars, uniting enthusiasts and showcasing the profound connections between automotive history, sustainability, and a shared passion for preserving these vehicles.

author: @jos

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