REPORT TopCareerStuttgart2022

REPORT TopCareerStuttgart2022

At the automotive TopCareer in Stuttgart, students and young professionals met around 50 companies from the entire automotive and mobility industry. The exhibitors primarily include car manufacturers and suppliers, car dealerships and industry service providers. From car companies I saw only Volvo and Porsche.

Human resources departments were presenting their companies. There are also many women working in HR departments. Therefore, I got the chance to interview more female visitors and staff.

It was loud in this hall, partially very loud, because there were often presentations and speeches at the stage. The presentations were broadcasted over all loudspeakers in the hall. It was much noise. Outside I could catch only few people.

There are 26 people recorded in total, 19 female and 7 male interview partners:

  • Unfortunately, in the interview with Delia, my device was not working properly and I did not realize it. So I am missing 2 or 3 questions and answers.

  • ManuelaFranziskaNicoletta file - Manuela left the interview because of customers, but later I got her back for the rest of questions in 2. audio file.

  • Franziska1SabrinaAlice - Franziska1 left interview in the middle of recording, because talk with customers, no chance to get her back again.

It was an interesting event with many people from automotive branch and I got more female opinions from the car industry.



Automotive TopCareer in Stuttgart: Where Mobility and Opportunities Converge
An opportunity for more diverse voices on sustainability and the automotive industry

Stuttgart hosted a significant gathering as the annual Automotive TopCareer career fair took center stage at the Wagenhallen event location, held in collaboration between ifa Management GmbH and Crain Communications GmbH.

Steeped in history, Stuttgart is the birthplace of the automobile, with pioneers Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz unveiling their groundbreaking innovations in the 19th century. Today, it remains the epicenter of the automotive world, home to renowned car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, alongside a network of suppliers and research institutions dedicated to advancing the automotive sector. This region is a veritable hotbed of research and development, particularly in mobility and automotive innovation.

With a strong focus on electromobility, autonomous driving, connected vehicles, and alternative drive concepts, the Automotive TopCareer provided a stage for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, engineering service providers, and mobility experts to showcase their latest developments and seek potential talent.

The event brought together around 50 companies and a vibrant audience of students and young professionals eager to explore their career prospects. Among the exhibitors were prominent car manufacturers, suppliers, car dealerships, and industry service providers. Notable names like Volvo and Porsche were present, providing insights into their employment opportunities.

Edgeryders conducted its Semantic Social Network Analysis (SSNA) research at the event, where human resources departments were out in full force, and their presence allowed for a unique opportunity to connect with attendees and staff. Numerous women were at the forefront, presenting a diverse perspective on the automotive industry.

A total of 26 individuals, 19 women and 7 men, engaged in interviews, sharing their insights and perspectives. Despite a few technical hiccups and interruptions, the event provided a rich tapestry of voices and opinions, offering a comprehensive view of the automotive landscape from a distinctly diverse standpoint.

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