Research Network informal planning breakfast Tue 12 Mar

The research network is gathering for an informal planning breakfast tomorrow Tuesday 13 March 10h - 12h CET.

It has emerged from recent conversations and interest as well as the importance of preparing for the possible rapid scaling of our activities pending successful H2020 proposals. IE. We could grow very rapidly in a very short period of time, being notified in May/ June and beginning projects in September.

I have a fluid vision for how to broach the discussion, and we’ll use an agile agenda. At this stage I’d like to cover:

  • mapping growth and needs
  • mechanisms to respond to interests and social problems across the network
  • applying principles of scaling that align with our work
  • operational and communications processes to support and move with growth
  • malleability and modularity with other EDGE arms (eg. The Reef’s R&D ecosystem - ping @nadia )
  • conditions for quality and wellness and the research network’s philosophy

among other things that emerge and anything any of you would like to flag.

In attendance will be @alberto @amelia and @ireinga and I’ll be incorporating input from my conversations with @asimong and @winnieponcelet . Everyone is else is more than welcome to share thoughts here or pop in virtually - just ping me so I can organise.


@alberto @ireinga I’ll make shakshuka and hummous

ok Ill be there

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I would love to check in with you for the first 30 minutes, I have to leave at 10:30. Can I join remotely?

Yup just add me on hangouts