Reserve your spot for culture Culture meeting in Berlin, 10th of May 2019



culture Culture Berlin - 10th of May, 18:30

Edgeryders and Culture Squad invite you to join a series of networked discussions, happening in various European locations, which dig deeper into the questions around space and culture/art. In Berlin we will be developing roadmaps to sustainability for cultural spaces.

18:30 - arrival and introductions

18:45 - experience sharing, connecting the dots and collective documentation. Conversation opener: Gideon Simansky, founder of Artist Run Alliance, painter, Curator, culture entrepreneur and a founding member of Alfred institute for art & culture - a cooperative art center in Tel Aviv. His mission is to promote de-centralization of culture economics, and facilitate a shift of power from trader to creator driven culture discourse.

20:30 - dinner & drinks

participant registration:

Introduce yourself in a comment below and tell us about your interest in the topic!
NB: number of participants is limited to 12. Please wait for us to confirm your participation shortly after.

‘culture Culture’ is a deep inquiry into most urgent challenges faced by cultural and art collectives across European cities. An independent collaboration, it offers participants a local/global platform for information and peer support which tend to be unavailable or expensive. Starting May 2019, we are meeting in locations across Europe to draw points of action for mutual learning and collaboration. The meetups address complementary issues. Ultimately, each event adds new insights to the bigger conversation.
What comes out of it? We will work with you, the participants, to produce and document the events and connect you with resources from thousands of cultural activists working across and beyond.


Natalia Skoczylas & Tuce Erel

News from Edgeryders: Conversations, upcoming events, job opportunities and more!

I will be there! Looking forward to meet your co-host Gideon in person, and to share what will come out of the Brussels event,

@emsone @orangejon @sebquack @matoula_koutsari @Ceylan @danohu @Phoresced will you be around? It would be so good to see you (some of you for the first time haha!)


Noemi! I will be in Berlin for the next couple days and would love to catch up!


Hi, yes am here in Berlin and would be interested. I’m doing my own cultural research work in prototyping the future of socially creative, engaged and inspired public space. What kind of skills of story-listening/story-telling, skills in collective intelligence among individuals are necessary for local communities to feel inspired to create together…to prototype and experiment in their own ongoing, unfolding cultural futures? What kind of work in self organisation does it take for more public space being made available to local communities to work, play, listen, learn together in creating their own cultural realities, in taking greater responsibility for their own local identities?


Also @camillal :slight_smile: If you know people in Berlin who could join us do share this event, thanks!
Otherwise, feel free to introduce yourself in the Squad (add New Topic) and tell us about your own plans, it will be easier to make connections then.


@natalia_skoczylas really great event! Thank you for sharing! Do you have an image you could add to your initial post to show up when we share it? Thank you so much!


Ready now :slight_smile: thank you!


Thanks for the kind invitation @noemi - it’s such good luck that my train journey from the UK to Romania will bring me to Berlin on the same day that this is happening!

My ‘calling’ is to encourage a cultural shift to environmentally sustainable lifestyles, as a response to our destabilising climate and the ongoing mass extinction. My main tools are design thinking, systems thinking, event facilitation and digital technologies (including Artificial Intelligence).

I’m going through an interesting phase at the moment where I am looking to reboot and reinvent the “connection games” that we have been organising, to create a deeper, more engaging experience that creates hope and motivation towards the transition to a sustainable future. I now have the budget, time and energy to dive deeply into making this happen, and am curious to gather your thoughts on how I could best move forwards. Looking forward to meeting you all! :slight_smile:


@mishek, thanks for reaching out and this contribution - we’re primarily interested in having a very small circle of people who run spaces in or outside of Berlin- and get deep into the experience and practicalities. I think your work is super interesting as well, especially if you are given a chance to occupy a space with your community and you can start the whole process from scratch. If I understand it correctly. For now it seems we’re full, but if we have a drop-out, i will let you know - also, we can meet for a coffee soon instead and catch up!


I’d love to chime in and add my 2ct. I’m currently running meetups tackling issues of community building of various kinds. Authentic relating, improv dating, transformative improv theatre, men’s groups, self help groups. My aim is creating and spreading templates for healing the chronic inner climate crisis. OpenSource and free rather than person-centered and affordable only by the privileged ones. May I join?


Hey @uwe, nice meeting you - and yes, we’d be happy to have you on board - do you have some links to the meetups? (Are you using meetup platform?) Also, where are you meeting with your participants? More questions coming soon, book the date and see you on Friday!


Hey Natalia,
please find my meetup group here - for now it’s German only, that’ll change.

And we do meet in Schöneberg in a room run by a decent community project and financed by donation.
Where can I find you on Friday? Schillerpromenade 4, Neukölln?


Yes, we will be there! Looking forward


Much love and appreciation for kicking off this exploration.
I am closely connected with one of Berlins most beautiful art spaces- Seven Star Gallery in Mitte.
Its a timeless space, one of the rare spaces with a soul in Berlin-Mitte`s hyper-gentrification hotspot.
Serendipity and resonance in the essence shape the galleries programme, rather than $ $ $ $ .
Sustainability always is an issue.

I cant join the first meeting , but I am looking forward to meet U next time
Gonna dive in your harvests from tonight which ideally open up new collaborative, economical opportunities for seven star- and our up-coming process of co-creating festivities around Ritual Art

Agape and Baraka!



@natalia_skoczylas I’m still buzzing around.
I found an international collective with a strong Berlin presence who have run similar events and could be keen to collaborate on the next.